Saturday, August 10, 2013

In case you're wondering... ...

Sorry for the lack of post, I've been so busy doing my revision for my coming finals next week. *vomits blood*

Of course, being a great multi-tasker, besides spending time on school work, I also made time to watch Sherlock Holmes and also a mini shopping trip last week.

For now, my life is made up of pieces and pieces of post its, highlighters and notes.

Btw, that Iphone doesn't belong to me. My bestfriend Sharlene came over to my place to study together, we mugged so hard that we forgot the time and she had to stay over at my place.

Sorry for the poor quality photos because it came from an Iphone. Haha. Yup, this was revision in progress.

This was taken before bed time and I don't usually take photos without make-up for 1001 reasons but......... that is how I look without make up. :O Not fishing for compliments but it looks better in this grainy quality than in real life because I had some massive breakouts happening on my skin there.

Compare and contrast pic of us before and after make-up. Oh yeah, I did Sharlene's make up but it isn't that obvious in the picture is it? :> 

Oh yes, if you haven't you need to watch Sherlock. It's so witty and the plot is complicating but smart, not to mention that they have amazing quotes in it. Leaving you with one of my favourite quotes from the first episode. "Don't talk out loud, you lower the IQ of the whole street."

Now if you excuse me, I'm going to my mind palace now.... .... 


I've got a little confession to make and that is... ... I've been getting lazy and complacent these days and I haven't been working out as hard as I used to and so... I've gained some weight back. ): I promise to go back into shape once my finals are over. I NEED TO STOP BEING LAZY and loose more weight. Yup. 


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