Thursday, July 18, 2013


If you're wondering why I haven't been posting these days... it's because my skin was giving some problems and I had breakout and allergies on my face last month. Now that my skin has gradually gotten better, I feel that my confidence is back and I begin taking pictures again! Haha. Here I am presenting you a new blog post, mostly consisting of old outfits that I wore out last week and some recent purchases that I did. \m/ 

Outfit of the day: Floral headband //Cat top//Denim skirt//Arm Candies( All from H&M)

Totally can't believe that almost all of what I'm wearing is from H&M! Gotto love that place for shopping. It has almost everything that I need. The skirt looks like denim but it actually isn't. The fabric considered more light weight than denim but I call it the denim skirt because it looks like it.
I've worn this skirt out twice so far and the reason I like it it's because that it goes well with any top!

Met up with my bff last week to catch up a little on life. We haven't met in a week or so and we felt like a meet up would be so relevant. Haha. We probably can't spent our lives apart for too long that's why.

New favourite flavour form Twelve Cupcakes- Rose cupcake.

Cherries are my favourite fruit next to strawberries. It tastes so sweet.

Outfit of the day: Mint Cardigan (Cotton On)//White tank top (Dorothy Perkins)//Floral skirt (H&M) 

I actually purchased this floral skirt months back but I kept it hidden in my closet so that I wouldn't wear it immediately afterwards. The skirt is somewhat short but I still bought it because I love the prints!

Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder. A luxury buy last week, I've been using it for a week and I love it! I don't think this product needs to reviewed on because everyone knows how awesome this is. I actually have Bare Minerals Matte that I bought not too long ago but I realise that the color that I have looks kinda tanned on my skin and nah I didn't like the tanned look of course, so my aunt recommended me the Chanel loose powder.

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    1. The powder is just purrrrfect! :D
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