Thursday, July 25, 2013


Oh hello, this is a late post on my trip to Penang a month ago for a get away trip with my family.

The last time I've been to Penang was about 5 years ago and all I could recall from the trip was that it was a 'eat and eat and eat' itinerary. I'm not even kidding. So this time, finding good food is the top of our priority as well.

Penang being a part of Malaysia is the second smallest Malaysian state, the size of the island is only slightly larger than Singapore which I consider small and easy to get around in the island. This time getting around was much convenient because we rented a car and my dad (the human directory) was behind the wheels. With the help of Google Maps we're able to travel around the island with no fret.

So yay, let's embark the journey of street food! Because my memory space is smaller than a 128kb flash drive I might forget the names of the dish. But I'll try my best to provide a name for the food. 

Arrived at a random coffeeshop to have our lunch. We ordered lor mee, fried kway tiao and curry noodles to share among ourselves. Out of the 3 I've tried, I only enjoyed lor mee and fried kway tiao. I didn't like the curry noodles because they added clots of pig blood in it! Tried pig blood and nah it's definitely not my kind of thing because the after taste is too strong for my liking. 

(1) Lor Mee (Bee Hoon)
(2) Char Kway Tiao

It's so hot and sunny at Penang which makes it the best weather to grab an ice pop. 

Took a long drive up to the Durian Hill to get durains.

For all of you Durian lovers... ....

Being a non-durian fan,  I just sat and watch as the others eat and savour every flavour the king of fruits. I was encouraged to give it a try but I just didn't want to. To think that I used to be so in love with the fruit and now I'm just like a durian anti-fan. But, the durian was indeed delicious because it was in season.

After being on the road for a day, it's finally dinner time! We arrived at Hai Boey Seafood. One of the restaurant that I had wanted to visit when I was looking up places to eat in Penang.
I love the setting of Hai Boey restaurant because not only that it faces the sea and has got an awesome view but they also have swings installed at the front of the restaurant. It would be fun to just sit on the swing and enjoy the sea breeze while waiting for dinner to be served.
Most importantly, I am a seafood lover! So this place was one that I was so looking forward to.

We ordered 7 dishes in total and I had like most of it. My favourite dish got to be the fish and the prawns. The chilli crab was a letdown, because it failed at the highlight of the dish which is the gravy. But the crab itself was DA BOMB!

(1) Fried tofu with veg (2) Bali-tong (3) Stir fried clam with garlic and onion

(4) Steamed Fish (5) Prawn (6) Kang Kong (7) Chilli Crab

Shortly after dinner, we decided to drive out to Macalister Road for supper. The food stalls at Macalister Road only operate at night, so please don't go there during the day hoping to find food.

Here are some street food that we tried. Out of the 6 dishes, I would say the BBQ chicken wing is a must try and I personally like the chee cheong fun because they added prawn paste for the sauce. YUM YUM. However, the rest were just mediocre.
(1) Poh Piah

(2) Chee Cheong Fan

(3) Chicken Wing

(4) Chendol

(5) Char Kway Kak

(6) Char Kway Tiao 


Love the colourful shop houses in Penang.  

This is the legendary fried porridge 'char mui'. Everyone was so hyped up about this even before we arrived at Penang. I must say that I didn't disappoint but it was different from what I imagined.

The view from my hotel room. Can you see that it's raining? Every place that I visit, it is sure to rain. Remember my Koh Samui trip, it was raining throughout my stay there.

The best for a rainy day is to hibernate. 

A Perenakan restaurant that we had dinner at one of the nights. Definitely love the d├ęcor of the restaurant and besides, the food that they served was great.

Dim Sum for breakfast. Not that fantastic but I like the variety of dim sum that they offered.

Took a 2 hour car ride out of Georgetown to Ipoh just to try the salted baked chicken and beansprout chicken but we arrived too early and most shops haven't started up. Beansprout chicken is not to die for nor the salted baked chicken.

Personal favourite place for dinner. Ah Chui!!! Go there before dinner time before it gets too crowded or you'll be left with nothing to eat.

Shark skin. LOVE THIS! It's kinda unique dish and not everyone will like it. I think most of my family didn't appreciate this.

You have to try the ladies fingers! This is so good and I assure you that you won't regret eating this. Ah Chui is so amazing because he got rid of the ladies fingers' stickiness and the weird taste of the greens.

Visited the temple to do some sightseeing. 

This is where you write the wishes on the colourful ribbon and then hang them up. I wrote my wishes as well and I hope it would come true. *keeping my fingers crossed* *wishing on every 11:11* Hahaha.


This is all for my Penang trip. Next vacation would be spent in Bangkok and I can't wait. Hahaha. I simply can't wait to get over with my exams and then pack for BKK! BKK I AM COMING FOR YOU! :D


  1. I haven't been to Penang yet, but my parents might go next summer ^^. the food looks SO good omg. I don't like durians either, but all my friends love it and think I'm not Asian enough LOL.

    1. If given the chance, you should visit Penang at least once to have a taste on their street food. YUMMY. :D

  2. wow!! i really enjoyed all these travel photos!! thanks for sharing them!! gosh, i really miss authentic asian dishes!!

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  3. It's my pleasure to share my travelogue. :D