Thursday, June 20, 2013


Totally reminds me of my childhood days. But I sucked at playing this so I didn't get any prize but Cheryl was lucky enough to get a watermelon bag. 

There was a stick-on tattoo booth at H&M for the event. All the designs are so cute and I love every one of it! I couldn't decide and I even wanted them all. Haha. I didn't wanna look so kiasu, so I picked one elephant (my favourite animal) to go on the back of my hands while Cheryl got an ice-cream tattooed on her arm. 

Check out my super cute purple elephant! :D But sadly, the cute elephant was ruined within minutes. 
And if you're wondering why on earth do I look like a lobster... It's because....

I had champagne. It's kinda embarrassing to say that I can't deal with alcohol very well. I always end up looking like a lobster after drinking a few sips. 

After I ruined my elephant, I decided to get more tattoos! Hahaha. And yay, I've got four cute ice-cream now. The guy told me that the tattoos would last for 2 days if you won't scratch it or wash it with force, I'm trying to keep it there for as long as possible until I get tired of it. :D 

And the performing act for the night is... TRIPPPLE NIPPPLES!!! 
I haven't heard of them before and their costumes and make-up has got to the most unique for a band. They had so much energy that night and they were so crazy!!! Loved how they interacted with the audiences. 


Some freebies given by H&M.

This was my first time being invited to events and I'm really thankful for the opportunity. Thank you to the awesome Cheryl and her friend from the band who got us in. Although I was there to be her company, I'm still glad she brought me in. THANK YOU. 
Also, thank you to my body to be able to fit into H&M's clothing now because I can now shop more at H&M and own more affordable fashion pieces. 

H&M Vivocity is now open. 

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  1. You're so lucky, the event looked really fun! Everything looks so neat and spacious compared to the H&Ms in Toronto (super cramped >__>).

    1. Yeah I had fun during the event. Haha the H&M outlets in Singapore are quite spacious and it is neat because this the is pre-opening. Everyone is quite calm going through the clothes.
      In other outlets where it is crowded, the clothes tend to get messier or worse still when there is sales going on, sometimes people tend to "mistreat" the clothes.

  2. OMg this is so cool! Glad you had fun.. looks like it was such an amazing event! Def need to check out the collaboration products ^_^

    1. Yesyes. You totally should!
      Thank you for visiting my blog!

      Clarie C.