Monday, June 03, 2013

Come To Me, My Marshmallow~

*Put your hands up* if you love Korean BBQ! 

Met up with Yolanda, Sharlene &Glenn whom I've been friends with since poly days for Korean BBQ!  (@ Ssikkek Bras Besah Complex) 
I've never heard of the place until Yoyo told me about it. Hahaha, I only had Ju Shin Jung for K-BBQ my entire life and this is my first time at Ssikkek. It's buffet style, so you can eat all you want to your hearts content. 

The walls in the restaurant is plastered with posters of Kpop idols. Can you recognise any of them? 

WHY SO SERIOUS* Chef Glenn at work.* 

With Yolanda~ If you're into K-pop, you might wanna check her out HERE. She went to numerous K-pop events in the past and she posts HQ photos~ 

*Gwiyomi* Hahaha. 

My favourite candid photo~ 

Even though the restaurant is airy and well ventilated but you're sure to stink after a meal of BBQ. It's good that they offered two pumps of Febreeze to spray on our clothes before leaving but it's definitely not enough!
A tip for you, if you're scent conscious people like us. We went there prepared!
Glenn brought his whole bottle of perfume, Sharlene brought her own bottle clothing freshener while I have my mini perfume with me everywhere I go. The moment we walked out, we kept sniffing each other to check if we smell okay. Hahaha. 

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  1. hahaa!! i know gwiyomi!! :D
    thanks for these images.. they all look so cool and fun!

    Click me for my BLOG!

    1. G-G-Gwiyomi~
      I actually found the song so cute~ :>

  2. Now I want K BBQ D:.
    You all look so cute ^ u ^!

    1. Thank you! Hehe. Looks like I got you craving for some K-BBQ~ :D

  3. I love Korean BBQ! Dont like the smell of me after too!
    Your makeup always looks so flawless- so pretty!

    1. Yes yes! The smell after a good meal is always so bad. >:
      Be sure to always go prepared with clothing sprays. Hehe.
      Thank you Carmen~

  4. such cute pix! ur blog is amazing... I really like the floral dress ^_^