Monday, May 27, 2013

Pretty Lil Things.

Please take a moment to appreciate the macaroons and the pretty packaging from Ladurée~ 

The hype for Ladurée's macaroons has cooled down I supposed, so fortunate that there isn't a crazy queue when I was there. 
The only reason why these lovely macaroons deserve a post on it's own is because, the little sweet things cost me for about $32 (6 basic flavours + box)!!! So yup, to make every cent count I got to make sure that my $32 is well spent by snapping 101 pictures of a box of 6 macaroons. Haha. 

I promise I'll be back with a decent post. For now, it's crazy assignments and deadlines to meet. Love y'all, I WILL BE BACK!

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  1. I haven't had Laduree macarons before. But they look yummy! Are they worth the hype?

    1. Haha if you're a macaron fan like me, then yes you should definitely try it!! The crust of the macaron is so soft and the filling inside is oozing out when I took the first bite. Loved it and it's not overly sweet.
      If you've tasted macarons which are cheaper or from some random bakery, most of them taste like a ball of sugar.
      But Laduree macarons is simply yummy!! :>

    2. Okay! Will definitely pick them up soon. I agree the ones I have tried tasted like balls of sugar... which is why I'm hesitant to buy Laduree ones which are more expensive

  2. Oh the macaroon looks delicious!
    Lovelies pics!

  3. omg Laduree macarons! /drools
    this is off topic but what falsies did you use on your photos? *o*

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    1. Hey hello!
      I'm using Luminous Change false eyelash in number 03. :D

      Clarie C.

  4. macarons are so delicious!

    1. Yes it was the best I've ever tasted!
      Do you love macarons too?