Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Hello lovelies~ 
I'm back with a make-up post! It feels like I haven't done it in ages. Today I'll be showing you my new Urban Decay Glinda eyeshadow palette that I got as a gift from my best friend on my birthday~ 

The Super Saturated Gloss came with the palette. 

 I love that Urban Decays decided to include a user's manual for the Glinda palette and not just print it on the back of the palette. THIS IS SO THOUGHTFUL. If you don't have any idea on how to use the the eye shadows, you could simply follow the steps on this card. 

Top Left to Right: Tornad0, Aura, Magic 
Botton Left to Right: Illusion, Oz, South 

The palette also comes with a brown pencil eye liner! Oh my, the eyeliner is just incredible. I used to dislike pencil liners because it always disappoints me! Either it smudges or it doesn't last on my eyelid and surprisingly this lasted for a day until I removed my make up at the end of the day! It's amazing and the texture is so creamy which makes it easier to glide on my eyes. Loved it! 
The reason that it's missing from my palette box because it migrated to my makeup pouch ever since! 

This is how the eyeliner looks like. 

Top Left to Right: Tornado, Aura, Magic 
Botton Left to Right: Illusion, Oz, South 

Here are the swatches for the eyeshadow. 

The most used colour for me from this palette would be Tornado, Illusion, Magic & Oz. 
I haven't really found a use for Aura yet because it's too light on my eyelids. Although Illusion is also a light colour as well, I'd better prefer Illusion compared to Aura to use as a base colour. 

Other than Aura I liked all of the colours in the Glinda palette. 
Magic came as a surprise for me because I never actually expected myself to like Magic as much as I thought. Mainly because I fear of pink eye shadows. I could never understand how can some people able to pull off a pink eye shadow and still look good. Because in my opinion, whenever I apply pink eye shadow on my eyelid my eyes would sure to look puffy.  But not for this one!! The colour, Magic, does not have a the shimmer base and maybe this is why my eyelid wouldn't have the puffy look. It has but it has minimal gold sparkles in it and I think that it turned out well on my eyes. 

Here I used Illusion as my base, dabbed a bit of Oz in the centre of my eyelids and added Tornado to the outer corners of my eyes and also I used Magic in the inner corners of my eyes. 

And I just had to add some selfies of myself~ 

The Glinda Palette has got fun colours for me to play with but I don't see myself using it on a daily basis. I still stick to my trusty Naked I & Naked II Palettes. But if you're looking for a change from your daily look or if you think that it's a day for a fun make up, you can go with the Glinda Palette. 
Otherwise, I think

it's not a basic palette that everyone should own.

I hope you enjoyed my post! 


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  1. Amazing palette! I really liked your review and how the colours look on you.
    You're so pretty.x

    1. Thank you Carmen, you're always so sweet~ <3