Friday, May 10, 2013


It's May and it's the birthday month of my precious aunt and baby Jaydee. :D 
We were all invited to Jaydee's 2nd birthday last Sunday at the MacDees at East Coast. On the same day was also my aunt's birthday, and we had birthday lunch with my aunt at our favourite Korean restaurant Ju Shin Jung for Korean BBQ! 

Look at how fast the birthday girl is growing~ She's so tall now! 

I haven't been to East Coast in a longggg time and it's also my first time at the Seafood Centre. 

We asked my uncle to take a picture for us and he ended up snapping randomly. I have like 10 very candid shots like this on my camera! 

Finally, he did it right! Haha. We are J-team! 

My bro! 

KIDS! There are just so many of them and some were just so cute~ 

Jaydee's brownie cake!

I took the elephant brownie because elephant is one of my favourite animals! :D 

See my sad face? I was kinda bored there.  

And the best part of birthdays is having helium balloons! I just couldn't resist myself from taking the abandoned balloons that I found~ 

My precious grandparents~ 

Got to love what the breeze did to my hair~~~ 
My OOTD: Chambray top (Cotton On)//Floral skirt (Cotton On)//Arm-candies (Lovisa/handmade)//Watch (Espirit)//Pastel Orange Bag (Charles & Keith)//Cream pumps (BKK)

Oh and I also made a card for my lovely aunt as well. (Yup, she's 40 this year but she still looks so young and is also living young~) I can I be very creative sometimes, but my creativity only extends to people I'm close with. :> 

Yup, this was how I spent my weekend last week~

I hope everyone would have a great weekend! Oh any plans for your weekend yet? :D



  1. Mc Donald birthday parties! I used to love those when I was younger.
    Love your outfit btw and especially that orange bag!

    1. OMG am I the only one who doesn't have a childhood? Hahaha. I didn't have any birthday parties held at Mc Donald's before. >:

      Thank you for liking my outfit!!

      Clarie C.