Tuesday, April 09, 2013


A cup of tea accompanied by some sweet dessert with a great company and with never ending topics to talk to is probably a best way to spend my afternoon. Met up with my bff to hang out (we haven't been hanging out together for ages!) after her driving test. And that girl got her driver's license within one try! So proud of her. 

To celebrate her victory, we went to Antoinette @ Palais Renaissance for dessert. I've heard a lot about the macaroons at Antoinette but I didn't get the chance to try, so we finally decided to visit the place. 

Bird's eye view of the cafe. 

Macaroons are probably my current favourite dessert! If you're visiting Antoinette, you should definitely get some of these! 

Strawberry shortcake. 

I love this place because it's so quiet and there isn't much crowd. You can just sit back, relax and maybe just idle your afternoon away.

Look at all these! It's so pretty and I totally felt like buying all of it although I don't know what is it or ever tasted any of it before.

The baby chairs are so so so cute. 

With my BFF! 

My yubo & I actually did a matching co-ordinate together for the first time, by wearing a pastel coloured top over a tweed skirt. It was so fun finding what to wear in our wardrobes to come up with an outfit. 

I'm wearing: Mint chiffon with embellishments (Nichii)//Tweed skirt (Monsoon)//Black leopard flats (BKK)//Arm candies (New Look)//Watch (G-market)//Floral Earrings (Gift from yubo) 

Special thanks to Wengie for the shoutout! Really appreciate it. THANK YOU! Your shout out is the best virtual birthday gift I can ever ask for! :D 

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  1. Ahh this place is really charming and all these sweets just made me hungry^_^ ahh how I love macarons:D
    And I love outfit both of you:)

    Your blog is really nice~~~I'm following you :)
    have a nice day


  2. Hello, thank you for your nice comment! Glad that you liked our outfit! :D
    Also, thank you for following me! <3