Friday, April 12, 2013

I wanna be Forever 21.

Happy Birthday to me! I recently just turned 21 on 10th April! I celebrated by having dinners with my family and friends, it was a simple celebration and nothing lavish. I had 2 birthday dinners, one before my actual birthday which I invited the maternal side of the family (whom I'm usually closer with) at Hua You Wee Seafood Restaurant. I didn't quite like the place because it was so humid and crowded. Service there wasn't that good that night maybe because of the crowd. We waited for quite some time for  the waitress to get back to us to take our order, waited for the food to be served, waited for the waitress to serve drinks, waited for the waitress to get us the bill. Yeah, it was a long wait. :S

Here are some dishes we ordered last Saturday. I was quite disappointed because I did not get to eat prawns. >:

It wasn't that fantastic but I'm still thankful to have my family with me celebrating my 21st and of course the gifts that they specially picked out for me.  

On my actual birthday, it was a little more interesting because my bestfriend was there to spend the day with me! :> Went to have lunch at High Society and then to Gardens By The Bay. 

Flower Dome


Buffet dinner at Oscar's @ Conrad Centennial Singapore 

I used to love buffet because I can eat a lot! But now, I think age is catching up on me. After getting 2 plates of seafood, I was so full and I couldn't eat anymore. Hahaha. And this is very candid shot that my aunt took. 

With my godfather. 

With Sharlene, one of the closest friends I had while in poly. She probably is one of the nicest friend I ever have and I ultimately love her so much!

Moi bff for 8 very long years. Someone who had been there all the time and she's someone I treasure the most. Because good friends are rare like diamonds, I'm happy that I found a diamond like her. :D 

With my family.  

With my favourite people on earth who loved me like their own. I'm always thankful for them. I love y'all.

With my bro! Thank you for always having my back! Hahaha.


A gift from Mommy & Daddy. SK Jewellery necklace and pendent from the Dancing Star Diamond collection.  

 1. Gold chain with key & lock pendant from grandparents 
2. A pair of diamond earrings from godfather 
3. Tiffany & Co. necklace from Uncle Derrick & Aunt Joyce 

1. Desigual bag from Spain given by my godfather 
2. Coach wrislet from Aunty Michelle 

Swarovski pen from Sharlene 

One of the best gift ever from my brother. 
$70 Sephora Shopping Voucher 
My favourite Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion 
A hand written card with my brother's very creative drawings. 

Yubo's gift for me. I swear she's always setting sky high standards! She was so thoughtful when brainstorming about gift ideas for me, she knows that I love make-up so being a makeup noob she had totally no knowledge about what items to use so she went to google for reviews. The handmade card that she prepared was just so detailed. I was so surprised when I got it because she seem to remember every detail in our friendship. Hahaha. I was just so touched when I saw it. 

Here was what my bff gave: 

1. Bouquet of flowers 
2. Handmade scrap book/birthday card that has almost every little detail about us. 
3. Red packet (From her Mom) 
4. Eiffel Tower Sculpture 
5. L'Occitane set (It smells ridiculously nice!
6. Urban Decay The Glinda Palette (I totally can't wait to use it!) 
7. Bobbi Brown Concealer  

To end this post, I would like to give thanks to people who made my birthday special and memorable for me. Thank you! 


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