Sunday, March 24, 2013

You're the Straw to My Berry,

The tittle for my post was actually inspired by my pink nails. The color combination of it reminds me of the strawberry flavoured Tic Tac.

Nail of the week: O.P.I NL 142: Elephantastic Pink & O.P.I NL A06: Hawaiian Orchid 
I'm so in love with the combination of this two different shades of pink, I think they are bound to be together. Of course there will be other nail colors that can be used to pair them up with but currently, they are my one true pair! Haha. If I don't get bored of them by the end of this week, I think I'll probably use them again next week!

If you followed my Instagram, you would have known that I recently got a new camera as an advanced birthday present from my aunt. It came with a tripod as well so I finally found time to play with it. I'm still new to using it so some pictures don't turn out that well. But yay to having more free time~

Here are some of the things I frequently used. Although most of the things is not new except for the cute macaroon lip balm, they are part of my current favourites. 

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  1. it really looks good on you! and you are so adorable !! ^_^

  2. cute feminine nail polishes!!! love that floral head piece too!!

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    1. Floral headpiece was from H&M which I got a year ago. I still loved it though. :>