Friday, March 08, 2013


Time is passing by so fast, it feels like as though the year just started and we are at the 3rd month of 2013.
February was such a great month and I'm looking forward to March even though it didn't start off well for me. (I got caught in an episode of being clumsy and I caught the flu bug which I'm still in the midst of recovering.)

Last week, I went to get my hair done. It feels good to have my roots touched up and and hair trim. I feel like I can flip my hair non-stop now. Haha.
Having long fringe is cool but I love having bangs more~

Went on a shopping spree awhile back and I got a few beauty products as well as some clothings from H&M.

1. Eyelash serum - Needed to show some love to my eyelash so I decided to try this Japanese eyelash serum I saw at Watsons the other day. 

2. Yankee Candle (Mandarin Cranberry) - Got this from Takashimaya. I love the scent of it~

3. Sephora Rouge Shine- N26

4. Biore Eye Make-up remover - Just finished using my first bottle and I loved it. 

Pink lipsticks are my essentials, but I've been wanting to try out a different lipstick color. So, I went to Sephora to check out some lipstick choices. I was actually having a hard time deciding if I should get a red lipstick or a coral one.
I ended up with coral because I haven't got the courage to try red lipstick yet.
Oh, the cashier at Sephora was so nice~ She saw me holding a book and she offered to give me a bigger paper bag so that I could put my book in the bag. :) Good service staff always make my day~ 

Here I am, trying out the coral lipstick I got from Sephora. I love the shade and texture of this lipstick. It's considered not bad for a $20 lipstick.

Remember the pink OPI nail polish I blogged HERE?
I broke it, it fell right out of my hands when I took out to show my aunt! I clumsily broke the bottle of it which I've used not more than 3 times. I was so bitter at first. Sigh, I can only blame my clumsiness. 

But anyway, here is Nail of the Week~ 
I'm using Kiss Me On My Tulips (NL H59) & My Private Jet (NL B59). 

Happy March everyone~ 


  1. happy march!!!
    this post just reminded me to get a haircut myself!! i need a quick trim!! you look cute with the new hair!

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  2. I love your blog! It's great :) You are amazing! Feel free to my blog :)) Maybe, you follow my blog ? ♥ (If you like it)
    Kiss ♥♥♥

  3. I really like your blog :) randomly came to your site from wengie's blog !
    maybe you can swing by my blog if you have time ? :) im new to this

  4. i like having bangs too! it makes us look younger, more lively and cuter :) !
    i recently cut my hair too, but without any big difference, just get back some structure without dramatically changing the length hahaha!

  5. great post! Looking forward to your upcoming ones!


  6. The lipstick looks so pretty <3