Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Lunar New Year!

The lunar new year is an occasion that I love most because... it's such a great excuse to get new things for myself, the ang baos that I'll be collecting and visiting to relatives whom I've got the chance to meet once every year. This year was no different.

Before the year of the dragon came to an end, our family had reunion dinner at mama (that's how I call my grandma) house. We had the usual steamboat with a lot of ingredients that were solely prepared by my lovely grandparents. Sadly, I didn't have pictures but we had a really great meal. We also had a mini photograph session with the little cutiepie Jaydee. 

 It's me and the cutiepie Jaydee! 

This what I wore to mama house for reunion dinner.
Chambray top (Cotton On)//Orange culottes (BKK)// Double buckle white studded belt (Dorothy Perkins)//Beaded headband (F21)// Mom's watch// Bangles (New Look)// Silver arrow bangle (Lovisa) 

Look at how my house is beautiful decorated, it really sets the mood for Chinese New Year! It's all my mom's hard work and effort! Haha. 

Finally, the first day of Chinese New Year is here an the day to finally wear my new clothes came! It took me so much determination to keep telling myself to keep the new clothings for new year. Hahaha. 

This was what I wore on the first day~ 

Outfit of the day: Mint chiffon dress (ASOS)// Pastel orange bag (Charles & Keith)// Belt (BKK)// Diamond ring (Mom's)// Bangles (New Look)// Bow hair clip (BKK)// Nude loafers (Pazzion)  

 With my best bro! 

My mom & I! It a rare occasion for us to take a picture together. Isn't she pretty? :) 

With my god-parents~ 

With my dearest grandparents~ 

With my friend/aunt/sister/god-mommy/moly/lan fei niang niang~ She has got so many roles to play in my life. 

The cutiepie and my bro! Baby Jelly is so adorable, she finally learned to do the 'peace' hand sign. I'm gonna teach her the rock and roll hand sign soon. Haha. 

Day 02 of CNY! 

My outfit for CNY Day 02.

Pink chiffon dress (Nichii)//Thin bow belt (Dorothy Perkins)// Arm candies (Lovisa)// Mary-janes wedges (Vincci) 

Dinner prepared by my dad! My dad's buddy came over with his family and joined us for dinner. 
Lo hei before adding the crackers and sauce. 

Cold plate which consists of century egg, pickles (made by very talented grandparents) and top shell.

Home-made pen cai, which is a tradition to eat various veggies.

Day 03 of CNY

My childhood friends came over to my house for a gathering we haven't had in a long time.

Yubo came over too~

 With my childhood bff~ 

We chit-chatted all day long and played card games through the day. I picked up some new games from Tze How as well~

I hope everyone had a great time celebrating Chinese New Year, had fun gambling and collecting red packets~ 

And... Let's welcome the year of the snake with open arms! 

And now Chinese New Year is over... It's time to move on and start revision because my mid-terms are coming soon. :S

Happy Lunar New Year everyone, I hope yours was a blast as well! 


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  1. really lovely pictures and I adore the color of your philipp lim pashli bag!:)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

    1. I love that bag too, but sadly it isn't a Phillip Lim Pashli bag. :>
      Thanks for commenting, Kate!


  2. i hope you don't get tired of me saying this but you always look like a doll!!! love your dresses!! all of them and that orange purse is so stunning!

    Click me for my NEW BLOG

    1. Awww. Thank you! You're always so sweet~ <3