Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blessed 21st, to the dearest yubo.

I attended my Yubo's (Cassandra) 21st Birthday Party last week~ It's a pretty small scaled party as Yubo only invited all her close friends. I'm so honoured to be part of being her circle of closed ones and thankful that I'm part of organising her party. 
I've known this girl since we were 13 and when she asked me for help, I just couldn't say no. 

It has got to be the one of best birthday parties that I've attended because the birthday girl had been very thoughtful to her guests~ 

The bunch of helium balloons which I got for the lovely Yubo! Helium balloons are actually the best props to take pictures! 

 Look! I'm diligently pumping up balloons!

These are the end result of pumping 3 packets of balloons.

The pretty shades of pink helium balloons which I got for yubo.

The pretty birthday girl 

Outfit of the day: Red velvet skater dress (Miss Selfridge), Leopard top (New Look), Bangles (New Look), Thin bow belt (Dorothy Perkins)

Food selection was really good. Besides having our favourite sushi and Salmon Sashimi platter, we had wraps and sandwich and on top of that we also had lo hei! Because Chinese New Year is round the corner, Yubo decided to order lo hei to celebrate Chinese New Year in advance. 

Bernard being the pro, put in the different ingredients while saying auspicious wishes. Hahaha.

And here we go! In the process in mixing the lo hei. 

Hello Kitty birthday cake! 

Even the cake is so cute on the inside~ I just couldn't bear to eat it. 

Yubo with the love of her life. 

With my secondary school friends! They were the ones who made secondary school life awesome! 

All the polaroids that were taken~ 

And Yubo gave each guest a cupcake and a packet of rock candies as a thank you gift and a token of appreciation for taking time out to attend the party. How thoughtful is that? :D 

Ending with a group shot of the guests that attended the party. 

Lastly, I wanna wish my lovely yubo an advanced Happy Birthday! 

And to anyone who read my post today... Happy Lunar New Year to you! 


  1. omg, such an awesome birthday bash, sooo cuuute!!
    and the foooooooooooood *swoool*

    i want these for my bday too now HAHAHA!
    gonna hint my friends at it now xD

    1. Haha. Hello Connie!
      Is your birthday round the corner too? Hope you'll have fun planning your birthday. :D


    2. hehe yes, it's my birthday on coming tuesday, but i guess i won't celebrate =/ simply having dinner with family :)

    3. It's nice to be spending your birthday with your close ones~ :D Have a great birthday, Connie~


  2. These are such awesome photos!
    You look super cute and I love your dress and the hello kitty balloon! Plus the food is delicious looking! I am getting hungry just looking at it!

    I Follow you now by the way!
    If you have time could you check out/ follow my blog too?

    1. Hello Mindy,
      thank you for dropping by my blog, commenting and be my first follower! :D
      I'll check out your blog soon!
      Happy Lunar New Year to you love!