Saturday, January 26, 2013

All For You

Hola~ I hope everyone is doing great! 
This will be a short update for the week. 

My outfit for school last week. Wore my chambray top from Cotton On over my favourite leopard skater dress from Dorothy Perkins. I liked how it transformed into a different outfit so it doesn't seem like I'm always wearing the same dress over again! 

Oh, I'm so in love with the idea of stacking my arm-candies. So, I made my outfit more interesting by wearing more accessories. 
My gold and silver nails from last week which I loved so much~

Yay~ I'mma rockstar! Hahaha, I'm childhood deprived. :x
Baby Jaydee has got so many toys at home and looking at the amount of toys Jaydee has compared to me when I was a kid makes me envy her so much. Please bring me back to the days when I'm still a kid~ So I can openly play with toys and have nobody judging me~

And on Thursday, I went to get rid my horrendous black roots! Yay because I have nice hair now. Godfather did some magic to my hair and I'm so loving it so much! Such a pity that I won't be having nice hair-dos on the first day of Chinese New Year anymore. >: 
After my hair appointment, I also went to get some shopping done for Chinese New Year~ I am so happy because I bought most of my things and I can't wait to show y'all what I've bought~ 

This has got to be my favourite buy for the day. It's an eyebrow crayon! 
I know how people neglect their brows because they have bangs to cover it but for me, even though I have bangs I still feel that I should show some love to my brows because they're so important to me! 

I've actually started using eyebrow powder on my brows since the beginning because I was told that using eyebrow powder is the easiest way of drawing the brows. Now I tell you, that's a big fat lie.
This eyebrow crayon works wonders~ It's so easy to apply on it's so long lasting because it's waterproof~ And if you're like me, you're in love with how Koreans do their eyebrows, then this is the one you should go for! 

Bought the February issue of the Taiwan version ViVi magazine. Magazines like this are surely motivation pills for me. When my motivation to lose weight is slowly depleting, I'll flip through magazines like this to constantly remind myself that if I want to be half as pretty as them, I have to work hard to lose that body fat! And yeah, I feel extremely motivated after that. Japanese models are just so pretty to look at~ 

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