Saturday, December 15, 2012

My boyfriend is a Snowman. ☃

December is such a great month and it's about to get even better~ 

I received my first comment on my blog last week and it makes me feel so happy even though if it's only one comment because it's the first comment I've ever received! A big thank you to you lovely readers.

I was inspired to do DIY craft work recently that I made my room looked more interesting. I even learned to make unwanted stuff into something that I'm more likely to appreciate~ 

I totally can't wait for Christmas because I'll be organising a mini family gathering at my place! It's the first time I'm actually planning something for my family so I'm pretty eggcited about it. 

My new found passion for DIY craft  started when I bought 2 rolls of sequins a few weeks back. I first blinged my wooden chest of drawers from Ikea and then, that's when I got addicted. I started to wanna bling anything that looks too normal in my room. 
And here aremy best friends to work with.  

Initially this was a photo frame stand but I bought this to use as as a phone stand. Of course I just had to make use of my sequins to make it look better.

And this is how part of my decorating work looked like~ I'm temporarily using water bottles to hold my bangles and bracelets, after getting an empty wine bottle my bangles and bracelets will have a new home. 

So last week at my grandma house, we waited for Jaydee to come home because she was out with her parents. The moment she stepped in the house, she called out for me and ran towards me for a hug~ (Soooo adorable!!!) I told her I miss her so much and then she gave me a little peck on my cheek. 
Now, she learned how to say "I love you". Although she can't speak clearly yet but that's the cutest "I Love You" I've ever heard~ 

Brought Jaydee to the playground and she so friendly even towards strangers, she waves to everyone she sees. Hahaha, so adorable~

Was at Greenwhich V. on Sunday for lunch last week. We always drove past but haven't got a chance to drop by and finally on Sunday, my uncle brought us there for lunch at BBQ Chicken. 

Lunch at BBQ Chicken (Best of the best quality chicken). And yes, I can't deny that their chicken is really best of the best.

Bad hair day plus overgrown bangs >: I need a haircut soon. 

So last week, I was approached by this street magician there. He was amazing! The feeling of being able to watch a street magician perform right before my eyes is just so awesome because it's all happening before your eyes. You will not believe it.
Although the tricks he performed were quite simple but it's enough to wow me. Haha.

Met up with my aunt to catch the second part of  Breaking Dawn! The movie wasn't as epic as I thought, but maybe it's cause I'm not a hardcore fan that's why or it's because I didn't read the book that's why I didn't feel any connection with any of the characters.
I'm team Harry Potter any day. 

The weather has gotten colder these days and it's such a great time to bring out my knits. 
So this is what I wore... 
OOTD: Knitted jumper (Dorothy Perkins)// Cream Chiffon Dress (BKK)// Suede bag (Gmarket)//Watch (BKK)// 

Heng heng curry for dinner~ 

After battling with myself for so long.... I've decided to clip up my overgrown bangs for now until I get a trim! Bangs is actually difficult to maintain especially for people with short forehead like me. If it's above my brows, my bangs will look too short but if it's a little longer it will poke into my eyes. It's always so awkward.

And all these melancholy dramas that I'm watching now... makes me want to fall in love. I want to experience an once in a lifetime kind of love. It has to be epic, so epic that it will take my breath away. Oh L-O-V-E. 

"Unless it's mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it's a waste of your time. There are too many mediocre things in life. Love shouldn't be one of them." -Dreams for an Insomniac

I'll post my last part of my Koh Samui trip very soon. And till then.... 

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