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K O H S A M U I - IV

This is the last instalment for my Koh Samui trip. While writing this posts, it makes me missed so much things there~ If you are interested, here are a few parts I blogged about some time back! I & II

Day 04: K O H S A M U I
We decided to brave the bad weather to visit some tourist attractions to have evidence that we have actually been to Koh Samui. Started off with having brunch at The Cliff, a restaurant that I've been wanted to go since day 1. 

Had breakfast in the villa, a simple sandwich to start the day accompanying this spread we got at Tesco Lotus. I really loved the taste of it and how I wished such bread spreads were available in Singapore. That way, I might grow to like eating bread. 

Part of our buys at Tesco Lotus & Big C.

Arrived at The Cliff~ Beautiful ambience because the restaurant is facing the sea!

That's the view from our seat~ You can see that it's still raining.

SEAFOOD! I love it with all my heart. 

Everyone besides my brother ordered chicken but with different sauce.
This is my aunt's set with salsa sauce. It's hella spicy.

 Mine was honey chicken. There was nothing special about the sauce but it tasted alright.

My uncle's sauce tasted like the Chicken Rice chilli we have in Singapore.

Lovely flowers in the bathroom at The Cliff~

After lunch, my brother insisted to do more embracing the sea shots so he asked me along to take a walk down the rocks. The rocks were so slippery and I almost fell... :/ But thankfully, I was extra careful plus a little talent for balancing. Haha. 

Next up, we made our way to see the big Buddha. Yeah, we literally see the Buddha and left after that. See that flight of stairs there? On our first attempt to visit the big Buddha, it was pouring so heavily and the water gushing down the stairs were like a mini waterfall. 

Being on the island for 4 days and I finally saw a push cart that sells fruits! You cannot imagine how delighted I am because I can finally eat my favourite pineapples! Omnomnomnom.

After travelling for awhile in the Chaweng area, we then decided to stop by a random restaurant in Chaweng for dinner. It was raining and we didn't have a poncho or a big umbrella so we just stopped somewhere to have dinner.

Pineapple shake~

Dinner was so good~ I loved the seafood platter better than the BBQ platter. The pork ribs were too hard, everything else were too either too dry or hard making it difficult to bite and digest. 

Some random things we got from the supermart~ It looks interesting but I didn't like it. Nothing beats Eclipse or Wriggly's Spearmint. 

Best snack ever! Shrimp flavoured peanuts are my ultimate favourite snack of all times!

Earlier during the day, my aunt & I got manicure and pedicure done~ Even our nails are so matching.
I would usually paint very girly colours on my nails, turns out that this time I wanted something different, so I painted blue~ Anyway, it turned out looking good~

Our day ended when with this! 

Day 05: K O H S A M U I 

It's the last day in beautiful Koh Samui and to not waste the day, we tried to utilise the amount of time we have left visiting more places. Having our breakfast at this place that has over 18 different type of American breakfast on the menu. Hahaha.

English tea for breakfast is just right to start off the day.

The sky looks good in the morning I thought the beautiful weather would stay but it started pouring again. We visited the Mummified Monk next.

Following was to see the grandfather and grandmother rock. All of us didn't know that grandfather/grandmother refers to those.  Oh well...
For some reasons, we couldn't spot the grandmother rock, it was until I googled then I found out...

Presenting you... The grandfather rock!

Along the way to the grandfather/grandmother rock, there were so many stalls selling Coconut Caramel! Everyone were so nice and tried to offer us a sample to try and we didn't know who to buy from. In the end, we decided to buy from this lady who coincidently speaks a bit of Mandarin.
I seldom eat sticky stuff but this was really good because it doesn't sticks on my teeth and it's not too sweet! That's why I like it.

The aunty packing the coconut caramel for us. 

When we got back to the villa, it was time for us to kiss the villa goodbye~ Having a bit of time at hand and being a kid at heart, I decided to play with my bubble gun~ I found so much joy in playing with bubbles. Kinda childhood deprived but yeah! 

And then... It's home sweet home. Back at Samui Airport to catch our flight back to Singapore. 

The check-in counters. 

Can't help to camwhore abit with all the greeny plants~

The waiting area looks so comfortable that there were so many people falling asleep while waiting.

While waiting for your flight, don't be afraid of getting hungry. Refreshments at the Courtesy Corner are made available to guests. Coffee, tea and snacks all made available for you!

Before boarding the plane, you'll need to take this cute little tour bus that will ferry you from the airport to the aeroplane. 

Bangkok Air aircraft~

Yup, that's all about it for my trip at Koh Samui. I hope to go back there again and I'll end off with a picture is significant to Thailand. 

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