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Day 03: K O H S A M U I 

Woke up early wanting to catch the sunrise... But.. The sky was overshadowed by dark clouds, there isn't a chance to watch the sunrise. And then, it started to pour. 
My uncle prepared breakfast for us and we set off once we eaten our breakfast. I always appreciate home-made meals~ 

Since it was raining, we couldn't visit the Big Buddha and other tourist attractions as planned. We then decided to pamper ourselves by doing spa~  Drove passed a few day spas and we found Peace Tropical Spa so we drove in to take a look, in hope that they are open for business on a rainy day. Thankfully, they're open for the day! The service provided was excellent. When they saw us driving in, one of the crew welcomed us with so much enthusiasm and she immediately grabbed an umbrella to shade us into the main hall. 


The service people there were all so smiley and friendly.
To add on, the service people there actually speak English and it was so easy to communicate with them.
But what I like most about Peace Tropical Spa is that they make an effort to know their customers  better by giving a form to fill up before starting the spa sessions. In the form, we can indicate the strength preferences for massage, which areas would you prefer the therapist to work on and to avoid.


So my aunt and I chose a body scrub accompanying an aroma therapy massage while my uncle and bro picked coconut oil hair spa along with a traditional Thai massage. 
For body scrub, they had a variety to choose from. But I picked coconut scrub because it smells the best~ 

The massage room. 


After our relaxing spa session, we proceeded to have a steamboat lunch at MK restaurant. I don't usually like having steamboat but the rainy weather makes it a perfect day to have steamboat.

Haha.. My uncle and bro has got their oily hair from the hair spa. I won't suggest girls with long hair to do the hair spa because it will look kinda gross to have oily hair if you still have a long day out.

We hopped on the car for an island-wide tour again after lunch hoping to find any random spots for photo-taking.

My Bro is singing again. He couldn't stop singing the entire journey.

And here we are outside The Cliff bar & grill.
Here I am with the bro! And yes, he's taller than me.

Went back to the villa for a rest and a light swim before deciding to have junk for dinner, but I sure made full use of the time to snap pictures! 
I kind loved this picture even though it's blurred. *I secretly wish for a new camera this Christmas~*


I'm not sure if you see lizards this size everyday, but it's my second time seeing it!
In my pictures above, the Buddha statue on the wall is actually the home to the lizards. I'll see them every night wandering around that area. So, a little reminder for you would be to always close your room doors whenever you leave or enter the room to avoid it entering.

We ended our day with some junk food for dinner. Our favourite Thai instant noodles, garlic bread and some biscuit.

Day 04: K O H S A M U I 

Another rainy day~ Woke up early to grab breakfast at Simply Delicious. I had my favourite Earl Grey tea along with sandwich for breakfast. I think this trip made me found my appreciation for tea again. 

Flies trapped on a stick! My apologies if that gross you out. :S

After exploring abit at the huge Tesco Lotus, we found our all time favourite Japanese restaurant! If you remember during my trip to Bangkok in September, we visited Fuji Japanese Restaurant and we even had it twice during entire trip. 

My favourite person in the world~

Raw salmon with mentai sauce. I dislike asparagus, I wouldn't have ordered if I knew it came with asparagus. :S 

Salmon Sashimi


Chicken Karage. Very tender chicken! I like~ 

Softshell crab salad. THIS IS THE BEST. Don't forget to order this when you're there. 

After hanging out in the mall for sometime, we decided to move back to the villa again.  
I was so bored so I took out my bubble gun to play. Hahaha. I'm kinda childhood deprived and that's why at my age I still love bubbles~  

That's my room behind me. 

Because the dinner last night was just junk food, we wanted to eat something better dinner for the night to make up for the previous night. So we chose to go to The Barge (Rice Barge & Terrace) for Thai cuisine. We got lost for a bit but we managed to find our way there~ 


It's very cosy and comfortable in there, I like that we're seated on a Tatami and we had so much space for our legs. 

With the bro!

✰ ✰ 

The rice was served last and it's wrapped in a pandan leaf.

I was the last to unwrap my rice, everyone else's rice toppled at that instant they unwrapped it before I could snap a picture of it.
The tip of the rice looks like it is wobbling because my very mischievous uncle was shaking the table to make my rice would topple.

It was a wonderful meal, all of us were so full and we didn't managed to finish everything on the table but it was good. Service was good as well. The waitresses could speak English and she even popped by to ask us if the food was good and why didn't we finish the food before we left. That was a nice experience with good service people. 

So after dinner, my brother and I took a walk along the beach. My bro always wanted a "embracing the big sea" kind of shot so he dragged me along to help him take a picture. Haha.  

As for me, I wanted an emo back view shot so this is my bro's take. Haha.

After our dinner, we made our way back to the villa for a swim. 

We were having so much fun in the pool and then......... poof~ Our villa turned into darkness, everything was pitched black. There was a power cut! The housekeeper was quick in helping us light up the candles. 
We were quite calm after it happened because we thought that the power will be back in a short while.  So we got out from the pool and sat in the patio wrapping ourselves in a towel while we shivered in the cold chatting and eating peanuts. 

2 hours after the power cut, we realised that electricity might be gone for the night and the chance of it coming back is kinda low, so we decided to take a bath and then to embrace the darkness and see what we could do in the darkness. This was when our mobile phones were put into great use, I never found out the existence of assistive lights on my phone until that day. We'd forgotten to pack a torch light along for the trip, nor we have enough candles to burn so thankfully we have our phone's assistive lights that actually helped us in finding our way through the dark. 

Electricity cut was bad enough, water cut was equally painful. We queued up to take a bath and who knew the water pressure decreased and soon there was only droplets left. In order to conserve water, that was the fastest shower that I took and I came out within 3 minutes. When it was my brother's turn, the water decided to stop flowing. It was so funny because my brother was halfway to finishing bathing so he had to complete his shower at the pool shower. 

It was a minor incident that happened, but I cherish that experience because I have never encounter such dramatic power and water cut at the same time in Singapore which makes me feel so fortunate and thankful for what I have. And power cuts in Koh Samui is so common, I'm so glad what we experienced only lasted for 4 hours! 

It was such an eventful day that I will never forget. Hahaha. 
If you're interested, here is the previous part of Koh Samui that I blogged. 

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