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Before I start my post on my trip to Koh Samui, I would like to give special thanks to my aunt & uncle for bringing us there~ Thank you for making the trip enjoyable and making the trip memorable for me.
Each and every time we go on a vacation, there will be something that is bound to make the trip a little more eggciting. For instance, when we were in Bali in 2009 we experienced a mild earthquake. In Phuket last year, our vehicle broke down on the road and for my Koh Samui trip we experienced an island wide power and water cut. But well, it's one of the little adventures that keep the trip interesting. (I'll talk more about that later!) 

It's such a pity to be at the beautiful island during the rainy season because it rained almost everyday and there is nothing much we could do during my time there. We couldn't visit the waterfalls, walk along the beach, have dinner by the rocks or go for elephant trekking. I'd really love to go back there again on a non-rainy season.

A grainy picture of me and my lovely aunt at Changi Airport before taking off.

Took Bangkok Airways to Koh Samui and here is my in-flight meal. It's my first time on Bangkok Airways and I'm quite impressed the service and the safety demonstration video. Despite the 1 hour plus flight, the service crew were efficient in serving the F&B and it's impressive. The safety demonstration video  is so creative and it definitely got my attention when it started playing.  

After travelling for approximately 1hr 40 mins, we finally arrived Koh Samui airport! I like that Samui Airport is different from an airport look like, it gives a very warm and cosy feeling.

We didn't do much on the night we arrived at Koh Samui.
The rented car will only reach us on the next day, so after the chauffeur drove us to the villa we stayed there until the next morning.

The villa that we spent 5 nights in is called Blue Samui~ It's rather spacious, with 3 floors villa and 3 bedrooms. The master bedroom is located on the top floor and the two other inter-connected rooms are on the second floor.

I was really eggcited to see Blue Samui, because from the website we couldn't very much visualise on how the villa exactly looks like.
So if you finds this post, I hope it gives you a better guide on the villa.

The living room from the view of the patio.

The living room.

In-front of the living room is the main staircase to the main door where there's a parking lot for your car.

Interior of the living room at night.

I would love to have a kitchen island in my future home~

The toilet in the living room.

Our very own private pool. Beside the pool is a patio and it's gonna be the best place to chill.

On the second floor are the inter-connected bedrooms which my brother and I occupied.

The room which I occupied. Check out the towel origami~ Mine is a lotus. 

My brother has got 2 bows made from towel origami. 

And on the 3rd floor is where the master bedroom is at. 

Behind the door is a standing shower and a bath tub. 

DAY 02: K O H S A M U I 

I was feeling so eggcited the moment I got up, because I woke up to this~ Isn't it beautiful? 
Life is great to be able to be in this beautiful island and waking up to this beautiful scenery is pure bliss. 

I woke up to get ready early just to be in time to meet Victor, whom we liaise with for car rental. He was there to hand us the car and to settle some administrative work with my aunt and uncle. 
He looked totally different from what I imagined! 

Our Chevrolet Vios. If you're planning to stay at Blue Samui, I'd recommend to rent a car because it'll be more accessible since there are 2 steep slopes to the villa. Don't worry about getting lost on the island because there is only one main road that connects the island, just grab a map and you're ready to go. It's easy to drive there because there isn't any traffic congestions and the drivers there are very courteous. I haven't heard anyone honk and even when it is raining everyday while I'm there, I never once seen any cases of car collision. 

Some brochures I got when exiting the airport... If you're like us, with no specific itinerary planned just grab some of the brochures it'll give you some direction to where to go, where to eat and what to see.

When exiting the airport, if anyone offer you the Free prepaid SIM card, please do not be shy and help yourself with it. Just top up the card and you'll get to enjoy low cost calling rate and free data roaming. Oh, just make sure that the SIM card is compatible with your phone! We requested for a micro SIM card since we're Samsung Galaxy Note 2 users. 

On our first day of the vacation, we mainly just went for an island recce. The top priority was to find a convenience store to buy a top up card for our SIM card so to stay connected to the world! (Sadly, the villa doesn't have WiFi connection) 
But before that, we had to satisfy our growling stomach with some food!

Simply delicious is indeed delicious. Settled for brunch there. 

My aunt got all so eggcited when she saw Thai Iced Tea and they reminded me of my Milk Tea Dress incident during my Bangkok Trip. My clumsiness don't just stop there, I can never stop being clumsy. Hahaha.

Tom Yam Soup.

Fried Squid!

I loved how the cookies are packaged, I feel like buying all of them just by looking at it!

I have no idea why the feifei(any unidentified flying insect) there are so humongous.

After the brunch, we went to BigC to get groceries. Here are some freshly fried doughnuts coated with coarse sugar. I didn't like it but my brother loved it! 

After buying groceries, we hopped onto the car and went on an exploration journey in search for 7-11 to top up our pre-paid SIM card. I was so overjoyed and got too excited that I tripped over a basket of mineral water and I almost fell. >:

After going for an exploration trip, we finally got back and decided to soak ourselves in the pool since the weather is so awesome~

After many fail shots, we finally got a good one and my uncle pointed at the wrong direction on purpose! Haha.

After our swim, it started pouring again.

At Sunset Restaurant for dinner!

 Chicken salad.

Lobster soup and mushroom soup.

The super spicy papaya salad! Spicy but it tastes really good.

My favourite grilled seafood! The seafood is so fresh!

We didn't do much but that's the point... To be as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Haha. So after dinner went back to the villa to brainstorm for the plans the next day~ 


  1. looks like a fun holiday!! i love love travel posts!! :D thanks for sharing these photos.. now i want to go there too!!! :D

    you look so pretty!!

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    1. Thank you for commenting! <3
      Yup, you should visit Koh Samui for a vacation soon! It'll be best to go on a non-rainy season though.

      And you're pretty yourself too! I love your outfit posts~