Saturday, December 29, 2012

☃ C H R I S T M A S 2 0 1 2 ☃

❆ M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S. . . H O H O H O. 
This year's Christmas day has got to be the most happening for me. I was invited to a house party hosted by my BFF on Christmas Eve and I organised a mini gathering with my family over at my place on Christmas day. 

Christmas Eve @ Yubo's house 
I was invited over for a Christmas day celebration over at Yubo's place. There were so much food, fun and laughter. Although I'm the one who didn't know anyone besides Yubo and Bernard, but I sort of enjoyed myself and I actually got to meet people from Yubo's poly clique (I've heard so much about them! Haha.). Oh well, the power of ice-breaking games like Monopoly Deal! (I sucked at it but I learned how to play that finally!)  
I think my favourite part was the gift exchange. We were given a budget of $20 to get a gift and it's strictly no food. So chocolates were off the list! Hahaha. That's a good rule to have innovative and fun ideas for gift. 

And this was what I wore to on Christmas Eve. My little black dress~ It's every girl's wardrobe essential and I got mine from New Look. When I saw it, I knew I need to buy it right away. It was love at first sight! 

All the presents for the gift exchange. Check out my gift, picked and wrapped by me! 

I got my gift from Yubo's cousin. It's a 20 dollar voucher from Coffee Bean and I'm so delighted that I think I got the best gift! (I LOVE COFFEE BEAN btw!) 

And.. Bernard got my gift! He's probably not gonna use it cause it's way to girly for him. It's a Rose body-wash gift set from Marks & Spencer. 

We had ice-cream log cake from Swensen's~ Yummy~

Christmas Celebration @ my place. 

This year's Christmas celebration at my home was organised by me! The reason why I suggested this family gathering on Christmas Day is because of all the endless rumour about the world ending on 21st December 2012.  I thought that if 21st December 2012 isn't World's End and we all managed to live through it, I'd want to have a celebratory feast with my family . (And yay, we survived!) 

I wanted to have this family gathering because these few years I've seen friends losing their parent or relative at such young age and earlier this year I experienced the pain of losing someone close as well.  
It made me feel that I'm very fortunate to have love, care & concern being showered by my family, and till today I still have my family with me. It makes me feel that I should cherish our time together more and that's why I felt that the gathering was essential. But most importantly, I didn't want anyone to be alone on Christmas Day. 
I was quite surprised that my mom and aunt were so supportive and everyone were so participative~ I'm really happy because everyone else is happy. 

My outfit for Christmas Day. Black top along with sequin skirt.

My granddad & grandma brought our favourite dish over to the party. Both yam are cooked in different style by my lovely grandparents.
Apparently, the yam was so tasty that it's such a waste if it fell on the ground. In my attempt of saving that piece of yam, I fell. It was really dramatic and my brother witnessed the whole scene before everyone burst into laughter. :S 

 Round container: Sugar coated yam Square container: Yam with fried shallop 


Salmon Sashimi. 

Pohpiah. If you're unfamiliar with this, pohpiah is actually fresh spring roll wrapped with bean sprouts  peanuts, prawn, egg and turnip. We got our package from Joo Chiat, the very famous pohpiah stall! 

Everyone enthusiastically rolling their pohpiah. 

Mom's homemade jelly for dessert. 

Macaroons from my aunt & uncle (Jaydee's parents.) 

Christmas log cake from Bakerzin, contributed by me & my bro.

Ending off with a family photo~ My grandfather loved the backdrop I put together! 

Thank you everyone who made this Christmas a little much different that past years. Thank you! Oh, I already have ideas for next year's Christmas. ;) 

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