Saturday, November 10, 2012

Wish You Could Take Me Away...

And pretend that you're my baby~ 

School is hectic as usual, it's really exhausting... 
I'd love anyone who could take me away from all these now~ (I don't ask for much but a singing session or a retail therapy would be great.) 

Last week was so great because of all the awesome food I had, it's everything that I've been craving for and all cravings were being satisfied within a week. Tell me, how awesome is that? And my very long awaited Samsung Galaxy Note II finally arrived~ I can't even explain how happy I am now. 

Met up with Sabrina finally last week for a movie date. That movie we watched sucked, sucked so much that I can't even recall the tittle of it. >: Next movie date would be better with "Jackal Is Coming". :> 

Dinner @ Ikea~ I've been craving for Ikea meatballs and all the other goodies for a very long time and finally I'm there to satisfy for cravings for it. 

I tolerated those ugly black roots for about 3 months! I finally went to get my hair done on Monday~ Nothing beats having nicely colored hair~ 

Outfit Of The Day: Mint knitted top (H&M)//Red skirt (D.P)//Black skinny belt (D.P)//Mint bow(BKK)

I'm wearing my new pastel ring from Lovisa. I don't know where Diva went, but it used to be my favourite store to get accessories. Now there's Lovisa around and I'm loving it.  

This was what I wore for school last Thursday~ 
Outfit for the day (Thursday): Top (BKK)//Mustard Chiffon Culottes (BKK)//Orange bag (BKK)//Black lace bow (Gmarket) 

A day out on Sunday at my favourite Korean restaurant "Ju Shin Jung". 
Outfit of the day: Leopard headband (F21)//Black top (Patch)//Leopard culottes (BKK)//Arm candies (BKK)//Orange tote bag (BKK) 

Korean food~ This has got to be my favourite place to have Korean bbq! Loved how the seats are so spacious, love that they have a variety of side dishes to chose from (and it's free to have additional servings), waiters helping you to bbq your raw pork/chicken and cutting it for you. 

It's cold noodles~ I had a time making a decision whether to take KimChi soup or cold noodles but eventually I chose cold noodles because both my aunt & bro were taking Kim Chi soup and I wanted to try something else. Ju Shin Jung's KimChi soup has a stronger taste compared to those we usually eat in food court, more authentic in a sense. 

And then... On Monday, we went for our hair appointment together. I went to get my hair colored and trimmed. My aunt got her hair cut and colored, she did a lighter color for her base and did some red panels. Hahaha. She looks so young, totally could pull it off as my sister~ 

Got myself a magazine and a book at Kinokuniya but I haven't got the time to read or flip through yet. I've read the first book "The Secret" and now it's the second instalment "The Magic". 

I'm so glad this week is over, cleared 2 presentations on the same day and work load seems to lessen a little. I can finally breathe for now~ Yay~ To be able to survive the hectic schedule till now, I think I deserve a reward. I'm still thinking of what to do to reward myself. Hahaha. 
But to think again, to be this busy can be a bliss sometimes. At least I know I'm living. :D 

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