Tuesday, November 20, 2012

When there's a will, there's a way.

I had a great week despite the lack of sleep and the rush for meeting deadlines~ Everything was good, done with presentations and all assignments were all handed up on time! Yessa~ It's the last lap that is left, I'll go off to mug after this post~

Last week was insane with all the food and wet weather. It makes me feel fat because I keep thinking I'm not exercising enough to burn these calories >:  But that's for last week, this week I'm going back to my strict diet.

Jack's Place for lunch on Monday~ To be really honest, I don't fancy Jack's Place anymore. The seafood salad isn't as good as I thought. I didn't like it and it's disappointing. 

I didn't finish my baked cod fish fillet as well~

Dinner on Friday @ Santouka Hakkaido Ramen~ This has got to be my favourite place to have ramen now~  I love the miso soup base and the very chewy ramen~ 


Super soft char shu~

Chawanmushi~ I like that it tastes so fine and it literally melts in your mouth~ 

Lunch @ Tony Roma's on Saturday~ 
Baked potato soup. 

Onion loaf. 

The 3 of us shared 

I was at town on Saturday because we went hunting for my brother's prom clothes. We were so busy running here and there hunting for pants and a blazer for him. I contributed by helping him picking out the clothes. 

And.... I loved how Orchard looks like now because Christmas is coming, the streets are all light up and all the shops are all nicely decorated. 
Although I don't celebrate Christmas but I love seeing the beautiful lights and the glittery ornaments hanging on the Christmas tree. I just love the having the feel of Christmas. 

Saw this really cute sponge popsicle at Mark & Spencer, I couldn't help but take a picture with that~ 

2 weekends back, we brought Jaydee out and she's so adorable~ I can't describe the love I have for her. Hahaha. She was so good last week, just give her food and she's happy enough. She love all the furry stuff and the huge full length mirror. She'll just look into the mirror and smile. Sucha smiley baby~ 

Sitting on the chair at McDees and noming on her fries~

 So currently, I've lost about 17kg of fats~ 3kg to reach my second milestone! This is how I looked like now....

Rewind to a few months back, this was how I looked like before. It's still a distance from my ultimate goal but I'll never stop. And the pictures below serves as a reminder to me to never ever go back again! Hahaha. 

I met my neighbour in the lift just now and she was like, "I couldn't recognise you at all. You lost some weight right? " Hahaha. Looks the results are kinda visible now~ 
Oh and all pictures were taken from my Samsung Galaxy Note II~ This phone is really awesome~ 
I can't wait for this Friday cause I'll be going to Koh Samui~ Yay!!! As for now, I'm going treasure every day to mug hard for my exams.  

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