Thursday, October 18, 2012

Velvet Arms

It's been 2 weeks from my last post. I've been a busybee at school and mugging exams which explains the lack of posts. Last week was productive because I stayed home to studied mostly.
I know I'm strong enough to pull through the mid-terms, handle the assignments then finally taking the final exams. Time is ticking away, there are deadlines to meet soon. That's just school life, I suppose.

My home alone days started on Sunday~ 
Both my parents went on a holiday to Bangkok!
Omma got me to make a list for her, so that she knows what to get for me~ ;') Can't wait for her to come back because I'm so used to her being around the house and it kinda sucks because being the eldest I need to take responsibility. Responsibility, this word scares me. 

Before Omma went overseas, she made us our favourite dessert- Agar-agar
Good home-made stuff made by Omma, even Jaydee loves it! 

Omma & Dad left on a Sunday, it has got to be probably one of the most hectic days ever.
Got up extra early to send the lovely parents to the airport, had a quick breakfast @ East Coast Lagoon Food Village, shopped at Changi City Point and then lunch, headed home for a power nap, did some last minute final revision for Marketing Management before heading out again to meet Shar.
The best part is... my 4 hours of sleep lasted me through the day~ It's nice to know that I survived!

The first cable ski-park in Singapore. It's been a few years since I last visited East Coast Park, I didn't know there were new amenities added. It was interesting to watch people skiing and doing stunts in the water.  

These cyclist came as early as us to the food village. It was such a great Sunday morning.


Twelve Cupcakes~ It's probably the best cupcakes I've tasted!
Finally getting my hands on them again. It taste so good, but it's so sinful for someone who's on a diet. 

Got myself a new pair of running shoes. I loved the colour combination of this. My favourite colour pink along with black~ 

Stolen from Sharlene's Instagram. Had a short meet up with her before the start of our exams~ Such a great companion to hang out with, it's just too bad that we could hardly hang out because she's so occupied with work & studies.
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Outfit for the day: Pink Chiffon Top (NewLook)//Flora Skirt (Dorothy Perkins)//Black Skinny Belt (Dorothy Perkins)//Suede Fringe Bag (GMarket)//Ring (New Look)

Some random pictures I took on Saturday. 
Last Saturday, I was a little cranky and moody because I was feeling so stressed over exams. The funny thing is... I teared up a bit. >: But hey, I'm alright and okay now. 

 Sparkly turquoise nails. I spent so much time to do this and I had such a hard time cleaning the glitter off!

 Arm candies for Saturday. *Peace/Hope/Love/Flowers*

My new contact lens from EOS! I loved the colour of it although it doesn't enlarge as much as my other lenses. It's slowly becoming my favourite. 

It's past mid-week already. I hope everyone is pulling through this week~ 
The happy thing is... IT'S THURSDAY~ Weekends are just round the corner! 
Omma & Dad are coming back soon. This week was crazy, I attempted to cook myself lunch but 
failed and I starved myself for dinner because I have no idea what to eat. >: (I just can't cook.)
My dad cooks the best meal and I can't wait for him to be back so that I can have a proper home cooked meal soon! 

Have a great weekend everyone. XOXO. 

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