Monday, October 01, 2012

S A Y H E L L O. O C T O B E R

Hello October and goodbye September~ 
September was great but October will be even better

September ended off on a good note and it was a little surprise for me... 
For the very first time, I actually have a really sweet reader who added me on Facebook and told me that she reads my blog. :') I didn't thought anyone would have read my posts or stayed on because I know my writing skills weren't that great. It was really sweet of her~ 
I was so delighted and thrilled when I saw the post on my wall that I couldn't even think straight (plus I just woke up). It took me awhile to think of a good reply for her, I tried... And I hope I didn't sound cold or unfriendly towards her. But judging by the number of ♥ in my reply, I hope she felt the love from me. Hehe. 


To sum up, September was really a great month~ 

- Uni life started for me during early September. Made friends and I'm glad that we're getting along well.

- Completed my assignments on time. (I'm so glad I didn't procrastinate until the last minute.) 

- Did some shopping for the month of September! I can't wait to wear my new clothes! 

- I visited the Harry Potter's exhibition @ Art Science Museum before it ended

- I've spent quite a lot of time hanging out with my aunt~ And I loved it. 

- Met up with some old friends. Had a farewell dinner with my besties to send her off to UK. It was bitter-sweet, but it's always great catching up with old friends. 

Learned one of the simplest braiding technique from a YouTube hair guru and I finally tried braiding it myself.

The reason for all these photos is because... I got back from class early today and I didn't have much stuff to do and at the same time, I didn't want to waste my make-up and outfit. 

Oh when I say October is going to be even better, it's because... .... 

1. My parents are going overseas for a short holiday. 

2. My hand phone contract is ending and I can finally get a new phone! (While everyone is raving about the very fantastic Iphone 5, I'm definitely not going to join the craze but I'll be going for Samsung~) 

3. Samsung's official release of the Galaxy Note II. 

4. Karaoke plans with my friends. (Coming up soon!) 

5. Getting back on reading! (Now that I have a bit more time, I'll probably start reading again.) 

I can't think of anything else now, but this is enough to make my month of October feel awesome~ 
Hope every one would have a great month ahead! ♥ 

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