Friday, October 26, 2012

Love Is Like Snow ❅

I've been tumblr-ing a lot nowadays because I have finally some free time~ Yay!!! 
Mid terms just ended on Sunday and I couldn't be more happy because I studied and I actually know the answers to most questions. Although it's just MCQ but still, it's worth 30% so it got me quite stressed up. 

Omma got back from her BKK trip with daddy! She bought me lots of stuff- bags, socks, skirts, tops, belts. On top of that, she specially travelled to JJ Mall to get me my whitening soap and she also got me some of my favourite Wrigley's sugar free mints. ♥ So much love from her. And what's even better is... I can fit into everything she bought me! Even omma was so surprised, she didn't think I could fit in all of that. So in the end, everything became mine! Heh heh heh.  

Only a mother would know her daughter best. 

I went for my hair appointment last week to tidy my hair~ Now it looks straighter and softer! I didn't planned to straighten by hair but yeah I had to do it before I could do colour next month. So I made my brother wait for me and he did. That was really nice of him~ Also, I'm looking forward to my next hair appointment with my aunt, cause that crazy woman is planning to do something crazy to her hair. Can't wait to see it happen!

A mini reminder board above hanging above me. If I were to forget anything, this board will smash my head to make sure that I remember. Hahaha. I'm still 6kg away from my 2nd Milestone, and it's only  6 5 weeks left to Koh Samui. Working hard to reach that goal! It's time to update my board. *Check out my death stare on the bottom right picture of me when I was 4 y.o.*

Okay, I have a bit... Just a bit of collarbone showing. Hahaha. My ultimate goal is to have visible collarbones! It's something that I always wanted but never had because I was a potato most of the time. 

Sunlight shining through the windows in the car. 
Check out my new leopard shorts and my new watch~ I wore this shorts along with a black tunic top (which I tucked in to become a top) for my class on Thursday~ Ahh, so in love with the outfit cause it's so stretchy and comfy and it's suitable for a long day at school.  

Earlier this week, we went to get the coolest Iphone 5! So thankful that the 16GB still has stock available~ :D 

Everything Yubro got my during her trip to HK! Thankful for her for being so generous with me. This series of Luminous Change eyelash is my current favourite! But it's just disappointing that Sasa SG doesn't carry this range. >: I had no choice but to get it from HK.  

Outfit for the day: Moustache Top (New Look)// Polka dots skirt (BKK)// Bracelet (Mitju)// Red Satchel (New Look)// Skinny Bow Belt (Dorothy Perkins)

On a side note... I'm currently watching Nice Guy/Innocent Man. It's my second Korean drama this year since Rooftop Prince ended in May. My OTP. Kang Maru x Seo Eun Gi. 
(Matching couple + nice landscape + smiling OTP + stylish clothing= Perfection.) 

After class on Thursday, I bumped into an old colleague. She could tell right away that I lost weight. Hahaha, I was secretly feeling so overjoyed but I acted cool about it. She thought that I was skipping meals and doing the weight loss regime the unhealthy way. So she sort of like warned me, "you better eat uh." 
Although we aren't that close but the first thing she saw me was to hug me. I love hugs~ Then she went on to say how different and how good I looked now. :D Compliments like this really made my day, because it's nice to know that my efforts were paid off~ 

Yeah, I may sound obsessive over this whole losing weight thing but I'm definitely not skipping meals or completely not eating. I just happen to have a stricter diet and I eat lesser. So nothing to worry about! 

I really love how life is for me right now. Although sometimes I complain about assignments and school work piling up, I know eventually I'll get over it. I always do~ But life is great, simply awesome.
I am so thankful for my family & friends so much, because all of the goodness that is happening to me is because of them. ;')
Although I know maintaining a friendship with me is tiring... (I'm the out of sight, out of mind kind of person. Even my yubro knows about this.) I'm thankful because I still have friends who take the initiative to meet me~ Ahh, those people are the ones I'd love to keep forever.

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