Saturday, September 29, 2012

Reliving Childhood

I finally visited the Harry Potter exhibition at Art Science Museum~ The last day of the event was on 30th September. Thankfully I managed to go to the exhibition before it ends.

 With my love~

Sadly, they didn't allowed photography inside. So these are a few shots captured at the entrance. You would enjoy the exhibition just like I did if you were a fan just like me.  

We paid $20 for this shot~ 

Chocolate Frog & Every Flavour Beans! These were probably some of the more affordable items in there. 

 Outside Art Science Museum.

Saw some of these interesting pieces in the Louis Vuitton boutique.

My favourite piece! It's made of shredded pieces of the LV catalogue and it's knitted into a dress.

While waiting to get into Din Tai Feng for dinz. I bought this red satchel awhile ago but I didn't really used it because it was too small. But I don't know how I managed to squeeze all my stuff inside now.

Loved the top my aunt was wearing and it was from Gmarket!

Yup, we're siblings.

View outside the Louis Vuitton boutique~ It's so beautiful.

Outfit of the day: Grey top (Dorothy Perkins)//Turquiose Chiffon Skirt (Uniqlo)//Red Satchel (New Look)//Bow flats (Mitju)//Bow Skinny Belt (Dorothy Perkins) 

This was the best shot we had after many failed shots. 

Harry Potter Exhibition.LV.Dintaifeng.Orchard. 

I'm getting really busy and stressed up because of school these few weeks. There are deadlines to meet for this coming week and I have some unfinished business. >:
So thankful for some retail therapy I had last weekend on New Look, Uniqlo & on Gmarket! I could totally use one of it again. 
On a random note... I really need a new camera. My current Sony is serving me well but I realise it's flaws when night falls. Anyone wanna buy me a camera? 

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