Sunday, September 02, 2012


Last day in Bangkok City. 

We had quite some time to spare before getting to the airport. So we spent our time at Terminal 21, for lunch and did some last minute shopping! (It's where I got my blinged skull bag!) 
I'd say it's a good place to shop but things there are slightly more expensive than Platinum Mall or maybe night markets. However, I feel the things there are more unique than what you can get at Platinum Mall and it's definitely worth the price. 

Outfit Of The Day: Grey Animal Jacquard Top (Dorothy Perkins)// Bailey Grape Super Skinny (Dorothy Perkins)//Arm Candies (Platinum Fashion Mall)//Turquoise Bow Flats (Mitju)//Striped Turquoise Bow (Platinum Fashion Mall) 

It's One Piece! Saw the adverts of these drinks while we were on the BTS and I thought of getting these for my brother since he is such a huge fan of One Piece!

We waited outside of Terminal 21 for quite some time because we were too early! Stood there, snapped some pictures and enjoyed the breeze. Surprisingly, Bangkok isn't as humid as Singapore. The weather was quite good during our time there.

This is probably how I'd dress for school when it starts in September. Comfy but not completely laid back and dull. 

 And because we were early, we took the chance to take pictures in the mall when there were lesser crowd.

Had lunch at Fuji Japanese Restaurant again. My uncle loved the soft shell crab salad and that's why we're back there. We ordered a whole table of food and the bill total up to be around 60SGD. :D

Got ourselves Almond Milktea & Hazelnut Milktea from Mr.Cup. I love it.

A cart piled up with fruits! MANGOESTEEN ARE MY FAVOURITE! THEY SHOULD HAVE CAME EARLIER ): The fruit cart weren't there during my stay, I wanted to have mangoesteen but we have no time for it. Sigh... 

All packed up, ready to leave Bangkok City.

On the plane back to Singapore, I bumped into 2 of my poly mates! Hahaha. So much of a coincidence, we've never bumped into each other even in Singapore. But still, it was great seeing them. 

Had some light snacks before boarding the plane. This is the last meal for the day, because my dieting plans resumes after getting off the plane at Singapore! And surprisingly, my weight didn't increase during my trip to Bangkok. Yay for all the walking we did back there, it burned off all the calories that I've taken in~ 

 My loots for the trip. Currently loving the blinged skull bag. It was love at first sight~

Bought this bunny bag for Jaydee~ It's so soft and fluffy~ 

So as for now, I'll be a good student when school starts. I'm going to be punctual and be friendly to new people that I meet in class. :D
Chiang Mai Ko Samui trip might be coming up soon, I'm actually looking into it right now (doing my research!!!). If something awesome happens, I'm hoping for a Gold Coast trip! (That is IF... Something awesome really happens. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for it.). 
My phone contract ends this October, which means... I'd be able to get a new phone! Currently loving Samsung Note 2.
Made a pact with Yubo... Hopefully I'd lose another 10kg to meet her in late October. (I'm working on that right now.) We haven't met since July and I'm really looking forward to meet her with a better me.

Okay, there are just so many good things that are coming up and I'm feeling so eggcited about it already.

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