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It'd been 5 months since my last visit to Bangkok City and I'm back again~ But this time, I went with my aunt and uncle. It's probably one of the trip that is quite last minute. We kinda decided a month before the departing date. Haha.

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All packed and ready to go. So loving my purple luggage.

This time, we stayed at Adelphi Suites which is at Sukhumvit area (Soi 8). The location is of the hotel is great, the BTS (Nana Station) is just a 3 minute walk away, a 7/11 convenient store is just nearby and also there are food and fruit stalls along the street. Comparing to the Legacy Suites, I'd say Adelphi Suites is at a  better location but room wise, Legacy Suites much more spacious. 

The hotel lobby.

 My bed with 3 pillows. I can only sleep with 3 pillows! 

We arrived at Bangkok at around midnight and we could only grab supper downstairs. The beehoon soup is good! Thankfully, they had enough ingredients to make us 3 packets. Yummy~

Day 01: Chatuchak Weekend Market. 
Yup we're back again, but mainly for the coconut ice-cream. It's something that you shouldn't miss while you're there. 

Outfit Of The Day: Pink Floral Top (M&S)/ Flower Hairclip (F21)/ Shorts (Dorothy Perkins), Leopard Slippers/Flora bangles (New Look)/ Leopard Bag 

Breakfast @ Monsoon before leaving for the weekend market.

It's easy to get tickets for the BTS. You will just have to see which station you're alighting at, the fare that you have to pay is right beside the station that you'd be alighting. What you need are coins, even if you don't have enough you can always change from the main counter.

You don't tap the cards for BTS when entering (like how we usually do in Singapore), after you insert the tickets the ticket will pop up, you'd just have to take it before passing the gates. It worked like how the Singapore MRT gates were like during earlier times.

It's my first time taking the BTS! :D

The BTS were so packed even during the weekend, we had to wait for 3 trains before boarding.

Here we are at Mo Chit for the weekend market~ It's advisable to bring along a portable fan if you can't stand the heat.

I was perspiring and I had bits of tissue stuck to my face and I didn't realised until this very kind Thai girl who tapped me and told me. She was really nice to save me from embarrassment ~ Heehee.


Yummy~ I'm not a fan of coconut but this is really a must try if you're going there!

Pineapples~ Muahahaha. I have pineapples everyday during my stay there. I loveeeee the pineapples at Thailand! It's so sweet and it doesn't cut my tongue~

Bubblegun~ Bought one in the name of Jaydee. Hahaha. If she isn't interested in it, it's gonna be mine! Satisfying the child in me. 

Aren't these wrap-on towels cute???? Got one of it for Jaydee~ Heehee.

I'm always so fascinated by the variety of things sold at Chatuchak, I was so engrossed looking around and I didn't even notice this traffic cone that is right in-front of me. Yup, I walked into it but luckily... I didn't fall. Hahaha. 

Hand-made clock.

I donated because I think they were amazing.

My favourite animal.

The best ice tea.

Lunch at Fuji Japanese restaurant.

Strawberry Smoothie~

We got ourselves friendship band~ On me are what I think represents, Love, Peace & Hope. My aunt got herself peace cause she said she's a peaceful person she'd go with peace.

1kg of mangoes cut nicely, only for 80 Bhat.
 Pad Thai.

Day 02: Big C, Platinum Fashion Mall

On the second day, we did so much walking. Went to pray the famous four face Buddha, walked over to Big C to shop for shoes and then walked over to Platinum Fashion Mall. I think I bought the most shoes from Big C & Platinum! I wanted to get bags, but the bags there are so common. >:

Outfit Of The Day: Fuchsia flowy top (Dorothy Perkins), Sequin Shorts (M&S), Black lace ribbon (GMarket), Leopard bangle (New Look), Bag (Platinum Fashion Mall) 

Went to Nanita to get some pouches and my mirror, shopped for shoes and lastly to Big C to get instant noodles and candies. Sat at this vintage looking café for a short break before walking over to Platinum Mall.

I spotted this dress and suggested to get it for Jaydee! Sadly, the size that we wanted is the last piece and there was a stained on it.

The children clothing over at Platinum Mall is just so beautiful and princessy~ That's exactly how I would want to dress my future daughter. Hahaha~

Around late afternoon, it started pouring. Wanting to get a cab back to the hotel is almost impossible, so we sat around in this café and waited for the rain to stop before walking to the BTS station. 

 This bag is insanely heavy! My shoulders ached so badly after carrying this and walking around for the day.

 New arm candy~

Initially we wanted to walk over to Terminal 21 to have dinner and then probably get my uncle a slice of cake cause it's his birthday! But it continued to rain so we had to settle dinner at Monsoon. I loved the Thai food they served at Monsoon. It is so much better than what they have for the buffet breakfast.

Will blog about Chocolate Ville in my next post (it's the highlight of the trip!) :D

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