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This is Part 2 to my Bangkok trip, Part 1 is in the previous post.

Day 03: Chinatown, Rama 9 & Chocolate Ville 

Outfit Of The Day: Chiffon Outerwear (Dorothy Perkins)/ Black Skinny Jeans (Dorothy Perkins), Bag (Platinum Fashion Mall), Arm Candies (Platinum Fashion Mall) 

Took a BTS to Asoke and then the MRT to Chinatown (Alight at Hua Lamphong). After alighting at Hua Lamphong, you'd just have to walk a little to finally reach Chinatown. We arrived at Chinatown quite early in the morning and no shops were open yet. I would suggest to visit Chinatown after 11am, that's when all the shops are open and you can finally get their famous pork floss from Lin Zhen Xiang.

Tokens are issued for single trips. You'll have to scan your tokens to pass the gates.

Pomegranate juice.

Breakfast at this noodle house~

I had dried wheat flour noodle. It's delicious, but it just lacked of chilli sauce and all they had was just chilli powder. It's definitely not as spicy as I would like it to be.

Here we are at Rama 9. Initially, we wanted to cab from Chinatown but none of the taxi drivers that we spoke to knew where the place is. In the end, we took the MRT and alighted at Phra Ram 9 station.

Dairy Queen!

It's kinda amusing to see a toilet sign like this. Haha.

Krispy Kreme donuts! My aunt had been wanting to try these ever since she heard recommendations about it. We bought 4 cause we thought it looked so pretty, but it actually didn't taste as good as expected. For me, it's donut factory over Krispy Kreme!

After lunch at Rama 9, we cabbed back to the hotel to prepare for dinner at Chocolate Ville.
I discovered Chocolate Ville on facebook by accident. I'm so glad that I found a place like that in Bangkok. For this trip, I was involved in the planning and when I discovered this place, I wanted to visit this place so badly that everything else doesn't really matter. Hahaha. The place is just too pretty~ 
Took a light nap, freshen up and then we left for Chocolate Ville at around 3:20PM. We made reservations for 3 pax at 6pm, but because Chocolate Ville is located quite a distance away from the city we decided to give ourselves enough time to travel there. Just in case anything happens... ... And yes, it did.)

Chocolate Ville is somewhat new and not many know about this place. The hotel staff from Adelphi Suites wasn't sure where this place was at. When we showed them the map to Chocolate Ville, they looked pretty much confused as if they didn't heard about this place before.

Well, what's even better was that there was a miscommunication about the location with the hotel staff who helped us with hiring the cab and the cab driver. The cab driver didn't know how to get to the exact location and even after calling up and conversing with the staff at Chocolate Ville, he still wasn't sure how to get there and so he dropped us at some place he thought was nearby.
AND... We had to ask for around 10 passing cabs to see if they know how to get there. Nobody knew how to get there and when language is a barrier it made everything even more challenging.
I was terrified, but I kept thinking that I will get there to see the place with my own eyes and I will take pretty pictures there. Hahaha, positive thinking!

After stopping and talking to uncountable cab drivers, we finally found a cab who was willing to bring us to the place. I just couldn't express how thankful I am. :')

Outfit Of The Day: Leopard Skater Dress (Dorothy Perkins), Arm Candies (Platinum Fashion Mall), Bag (Platinum Fashion Mall)  

Recognise this windmill, because if you could spot it from a afar, you'll know that you're reaching Chocolate Ville very soon!

I went into the information centre to check if it's possible to hire a cab back to the city. When I stepped in, everyone looked at me as though I'm an alien. They stopped what they are doing and just stared at me, I swear I'm not even kidding.

When I asked if anyone speaks English, nobody replied me but they continue to stare. Hahaha. The staff there don't speak much English,  unless using basic terms or you could just point and act out whatever you want. Thankfully,  I found someone who could understand what I was trying to ask and the kind lady told me that security would be able to help us in hiring a cab back into the city.

If you want to hide away from the heat, the washroom would be the best place because it is air-conditioned!  

Pastel colored doors for each cubicle. 

A very helpful staff actually got us a fan because she saw my aunt and I whipped out our portable fans after we're seated. A simple gesture that really made my dinner enjoyable and because of that, my table is like the most comfortable seats ever! 

Clam Pasta with basil leaves. I totally didn't finished my meal cause I hated the smell of basil leaves.

Pork Ribs! The pork ribs are really good. Must try it if you're there.

Grilled Veggie! I didn't like capsicum >:

Thai Iced Tea. It was my first time trying it and I loved it! But sigh, nearly 1/4 of it landed on my new dress. All because of me being clumsy as usual. 

Again I'm thankful because the stains aren't that obvious, but I smell like milk tea afterwards. 

 Desert Time~ I cut myself some slack since I was on a holiday. Banana Fritters was so yummy~

My favourite larva cake!

If you are keen on visiting Chocolate Ville, I'd suggest you to...

- Make reservations on their Facebook page. (They would get back to you shortly, probably within a day.)

- Print out a map, preferably a copy in Thai so that it makes it easier for you to tell the taxi driver your location. (I think the current one on their page is geographically incorrect.)

- Make sure you save the phone number of Chocolate Ville. If your cab driver couldn't find his way, you could just call up Chocolate Ville and let the driver talk to the person over the phone.

- Try to reach the place earlier, so you'd have enough time to snap pictures before sunset. (We reached around 4pm-ish, so after all the photo-taking it's 5pm.) 

- Have your dinner after you're almost done with the photo-taking (because that's the time the crowd will start coming), so getting a cab back to the city would be easier.

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