Monday, July 09, 2012

Summer Days It Never Ends.

Met up with the girlies last week, before Zolz leaving for her UK trip.

We'll be seeing her again during August then she'll finally leave for her studies soon! So gonna miss her. Let's just treasure the time we have together~ 

This is how silly we can be. The normal faces.

The O.O Face.

And the pretend-to-be-emo Face. But Zolz sort of grinned and Yoyo just looks like she is thinking of something and I'm just looking away. Hahahaha.

After having the crazy skinned knee, they were the first badge of friends I met. (Don't really feel like going out with 2 huge bandage over my knee, and they are really attention seeking >: Hahaha.)

I hope the good times we have never end, just like how summer days in Singapore doesn't end.
Hence, the tittle. (Actually the tittles for my albums have meanings to it. Haha.) And I'm so happy because I actually finished editing the pictures before Zolz left for UK and she actually have time to look at it before she go~ Mission accomplished! Heehee.

"Skinned knees is easier to fix than a broken heart."

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