Sunday, July 01, 2012

Snippets Of My Life

The most unfortunate thing happened to me on Monday!!!!
Hahahaha. I FELL DOWN! I tripped and fell.
It's kinda hilarious how I fell cause I literally went to kiss the ground. Yup, that's how bad it is (A potato kissing the ground). Both my knees are badly skinned and I hope I won't leave a scar.
But still, I'm thankful that I didn't hurt my hands or my face, that would be even worse than a skinned knee.

There isn't any emergency first aid kit at home, so I had to survive on band aids to cover my wounds on the first day. It was so bad to the extend that I accidentally hit the wall with my legs when I was sleeping and the next morning I found blood stains on the wall and on my pillow case. Zomgz. Scary.

So I got ointment and creams to apply over the wounds and got a proper gauze to cover my very huge wound on the next day and it's better now. But now, there are like two huge pieces of cotton gauze over both my knees, whenever I go out people can't help but stare. Hahaha. Such attention seeking knees I have.

Boo! That is how my legs look with the cotton gauze dressing. 

Wanted to include a picture of my wound but it's just gonna be too gore. So hi there.

On Friday, I went to the awesome We@H20 for my hair appointment. I got my roots touched up, my hair trimmed because it's getting too long and did treatment to keep my hair healthy. Kudos to my godfather for my nicely trimmed bangs. Hahaha. He just told me how difficult it is to cut my full bangs. Always so thankful for him because he was the one who cut my hair ever since I was 1 year old until now. :')

Cabbed to SGH right after my haircut right away because my grandfather was warded. So thankful that my grandmother was at home when my grandfather fainted and help was around the corner shortly after it happened. All is well now. Grandfather looks better now and he has agreed to undergo the surgery.

This is for Tea-time with my uncle at O'Briens.

Pumpkin Soup & Tuna with egg sandwich

This few days had been quite busy, kept going in and out of SGH to visit granddad. Spent some time with him so he won't feel bored. :D Bonus for this week would be seeing the baby bunny Jaydee for 2 consecutive days and I stole from her a kiss and her hug. She is so so so adorableeeeee, I just wanna keep her in my pocket. Hahaha.

I was wearing this flora dress and she can point at my dress and say flower! Sooooo cuteeeee omgzzz.

2 clips of the cutiepie from this week. Hahahaha.

My uncle recently bought UCrown head & eye massager from OSIM! Hahahaha. Look at how huge this thing is. 

Outfit of the day: Some old clothing that I decided to bring it out to wear again. 
White printed long top (BKK), Long sleeveless cardigan (Niichi), Black leggings (Victoria Secret), Red bow belt (DP) 

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