Monday, June 25, 2012

Don't Forget The Happy Happy Things...

An update for the week & a little sneak peek into my life.

Last week was really enjoyable. Went for Zolz's advanced birthday celebration on Saturday.
Girl is having her advanced birthday celebration cause she'll be going overseas soon. It was awesome meeting the people whom I haven't met in a long time ever since graduation. The last time I saw them was in school. Hahaha. It's been too long. I even met people whom I've never talked to my entire 3 years at school, but it wasn't very much awkwardness.

And the happiest thing is that, I got to see Zolz's niece. She's a really adorable and friendly girl, it's such a pity I didn't get to take a picture with her. (She loves the color pink, just like me.) I simply can't resist cute kids.

With the birthday girl Zolz! She's wearing this galaxy asymmetrical dress and it looked so good on her.

This is a really really grainy picture (taken by Shar on her I-phone front camera) of me with my love Shar~ 

Before going to Zolz's celebration, I was at my grandma house. She whipped an awesome dinner for us, made dumplings for the festival and she cooked bird's nest soup for dessert for us. Her dumplings never disappoint and I couldn't help but to try one of her freshly made dumplings. Om nom nom. My dad was there for dinner as well and he sent me over to Zolz's place after that. Felt so so so loved~

Finally seeing my cutiepie Jaydee after a week! She grown a lot and she's slowly learning how to speak. 
So cuteeeeeee~ My aunt recently posted a 35 seconds video of her laughing and smiling at the camera. Looking at her is just pure happiness~

I used a heart to cover something inappropriate. Hahaha. Met up with Glenn & Yoyo to buy Zolz's gift on Wednesday. Went to Fullhouse CafĂ© with Yubo before I met then for dinner and shopping for the gift. (Pictures stolen from G's Instagram.) 

I've got flat hair cause I didn't have any hair accessory on.

I've already blogged about the little highlights of my week, it's time for a little sneak into my personal life.

I haven't told many people about this, except my family and a friend about this plan I have right now... ... And that is to slim down!

After graduation, I have so much time in my hands that I decided to do something in my life to improve myself. I'm always constantly trying to improving myself, outer appearance wise. I will update myself on beauty tips, make-up and fashion stuff to make myself look better. However, I realised that having all of that is not enough. I need to be better... ...

I've been a potato for my life up till now and I want to change that and make myself look better and feel healthier. Weight wasn't my main concern for the past years but now, I'm going to change that. I've already started on my weight lost plans and so far I've lost about 4 kg (according to the last time I started to weigh myself). Slimming down is a long process and I have faith that I am able to do it. I made a pact with one of my friends, I would only meet her after I shed 10kg of fats. Heehee. (6kg more to go to my first milestone.) 
When I'm starting to look better and slimmed down more, maybe I'll share the picture of the girl who inspired me, what I did to slim down, what I did to keep myself motivated etc.

Now, I've blogged about slimming down it makes me feel more motivated than ever! Because I know I will be ashamed of myself if I fail to achieve it. :D

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