Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sweet Treats

I was at Katong 112 on one of the Sundays for lunch with my Aunt & Uncle. We had T.G.I Fridays for lunch and the quality of food kinda disappoint us. But desert at Max Brenner really made me all smiley again~ I always had a sweet tooth, chocolates and ice-cream are my ultimate favourite. 

But still, I'm controlling my diet so sweet stuff are only once in a while. 

Inside this display cabinet are jars filled with pieces of chocolates and it certainly reminds me of what I've seen in Margaret River Chocolate Factory back in Australia~ I wanna visit Australia again, I've been thinking of that place alot lately~

The drinks served are really interesting. Straws that we usually used are those plastic ones, but the straws they use at Max Brenner is made of metal (I believe it's stainless steel). It's really good when drinking cold drinks because it's colder compared to the usual plastic straw. But it's a problem to clean the straw after using.

My brother's Moccha Frappacino. 

My Hazelnut Cream~ So loving my drink although it's kinda sweet. 

Banana Split Waffles~ Yummy! I like how the bananas are thinly coated with caramel and there are like mixture of this crispy rice coated with caramel and walnuts.

Melty Truffle Heart Cake~ I ordered this because I thought the name for this desert is rather cute. Butt I only like the molten chocolate cake.
Take time to indulge yourself with some sweet treats if you're quite stressed or feeling down lately. It helps ALOT! 

This was tea-time today. I finally visited the premier banking room that my brother has been talking about all the time when we walked pass Wisma Atria. Took a little rest in the room, chatted awhile with my godfather before he left for his appointment with his client. 

Met up with Yubo. Had Coffeebean after meeting the girl. I had the usual, my favourite Sunrise. Yubo had Double Chocolate Latte and we shared this Raspberry Cheesecake. One good thing I love about Caf├ęs is that, my clothes don't stink after walking out of the place. And the place has got the scent of the coffee lingering in the air. I love it the smell of it. 

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