Friday, June 08, 2012

Lovely Lovey Love Love

Say hello to my new feather ear cuffs~
This ear cuffs that I got was like love at first sight. I've seen a few from Topshop & Diva but nothing caught my eye. It's definitely one of my best buys for now. 

Met up with Yubo for singing session and dinner at town. Ended up having dinner at Paradise Dynasty and had a porky meal. Hahaha. (I'd prefer Din Tai Feng anytime.) Loved the dress BFF was wearing, it has a very flowy and girly kind of feel. 

Of course I loved what I was wearing as well. This orange dress has been hanging in my closet for a year, I didn't once wore it out cause it was over-sized for me and the color itself was kinda frightening (it somehow reminds me the robe a Buddhist monk will wear). It was until I paired this cardigan up with this orange dress then it seem wearable.
Outfit of the day: Orange dress (ASOS), Gold striped knitted cardigan (H&M), Red bow belt (D.P), Ring & Bangle (New Look)

We met up a day later for an impromptu picnic date. Everything was decided so last minute, I don't even know why we're doing this. Look at what we've prepared. Over supply of eggs and sausage! 
I prepared egg mayo sandwich and mini sausages while she had scrambled eggs and a mixture of cheesy sausage & black pepper sausage. 

 My pinky leopard slippers~

With the aid of the wind~ Hahaha. 

 Polaroids taken on the day. So nice of Yubo for letting keep 2 of it~ Thankful.

 One last shot for the day to show that we so coincidently wore hairbands on the day.

So it was me who suggested this crazy idea of having a picnic. It was super hot the day recently, and god knows why I suggested this. But anyway, I had fun. Yubo & I seldom do activities that require us to stay under the sunlight together, this is the first. 

We actually went to Sembawang Park for the picnic. I remember that my parents used to bring me there during weekends and I wanted to go there again because the playground there has got swings. I wanna be a kid and play on the swings. But unfortunately, most area in the park is undergoing upgrading works and the playground is also gone which is why the park is almost empty. Also, going there was an excuse because I love looking at the pretty colonial houses along Crescent Malta. Whenever we visit the park, I'll always ask my dad to drive through. It has been great with Yubo! 

Yup, but if you're thinking of visiting the park soon, I'd suggest you not to until after the renovation works are done. :D 

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