Friday, June 22, 2012

Fullhouse Café

Yay for Fullhouse Café , Yubo kept talking about it ever since she found out about the place. I've been anticipating to check out that place after hearing it from her and we finally visited the cafe on Wednesday! 

It's a really beautiful place to be in. Love the cosy setting and the theme for the café.

On the first floor of the café.

We arrived at the café at around 1pm, it's still lunch time so it's kinda crowded. We waited until there were lesser people before we start hopping around taking pictures. 

Even the menu looks so cute. It looks more like a magazine rather than a menu. 

In the end, we decided to get lunch set, I got the mushroom & ham spaghetti set while Yubo got her chicken cutlet set. The lunch set comes with a main, a drink and a soup of the day. Yubo was quite disappointed with the size of her meal. hahahaha. 

Soup Of The Day -Tomato Soup. (I didn't quite enjoyed it.) 

The view behind me is really pretty. 

A close up to see what is behind me. 

Okay, I tried to be cool like Jaejoong but I failed. Hahaha. 

Besides serving clothes at the Fullhouse Café, it has this section that they sell clothing, bags & accessories. Yubo browsing through the clothings. 

I kinda like this shot Yubo took for me, but it's a little blurred. 

The very friendly staff from Fullhouse Café helped us with this picture. 

Nicest shot taken by Yubo! So proud of her. Hahaha. 

And yup this was beautifully taken by one of  the staff at Fullhouse Café. Yubo was actually very shy and I'm like "I don't care but I'm gonna take pictures with the car." One of the staff there overheard us and he was like "it's fine, you can as many pictures as you like." Haha. That was so nice and he even asked if we needed help.
Nice & friendly service crew like him certainly made my day.  

Ended up at Coffee Bean to have our afternoon tea. Malibu Dream~ Yayyy. 

Met up with Glenn & Yoyo to grab Zolene's birthday present. (I'll put them into my next post.) 

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