Sunday, May 20, 2012

Scattered Cherry Blossom Petals.

Finally, seeing my childhood friends (Cheryl & Hui Min) after a long long long time. Our Dearest Cheryl brought us somewhere to get cheaper OPI nail polish and make-up. There was where I found my favourite shade of red nail polish~~~~~
In the end, she bought lotsa stuff cause she's in such a mood to shop. Hope that she'd post her new look soon! Heehee. Let's look forward to it.

If you're interested, click to view My Childhood BFF!  styles. She's really good at dressing up :D

Ended up with me accompanying her for dinner at Burger King @ Ion. Ah Hui left earlier cause she was dinner-ing at home. Such a pity that we didn't have time to take pictures cause for the earlier part of the day we were too busy shopping.

See this lovely girl nom-ing on her burger.

I'm so thankful for "We @ h2o" for touching up my black hair. 

Feeling so great to meeting my childhood friends. So awesome catching up with each other, loved how it doesn't get awkward. Well, Cheryl always got so much to say to me and we're on the phone quite often.
It's so good to know that both my friends are doing well these days, Ah Hui going to further her studies overseas on scholarship and Cheryl getting featured on fashion blog previously.
So proud of the both of them ♥ 

As for my new love that I was saying... ... ... ...

OPI Chick Flick Cherry topped with OPI Gettin' Miss Piggy With It. You have no idea how eggcited am I when I picked up Chick Flick Cherry. I've been searching for this shade of Red nail polish for a very very long time. Ever since TFS discontinued my favourite red nail polish, I'd been in search for something of the same shade. I finally found it at last!

Ending off with a bonus picture.
That's us when we were around 2 years old, and it's taken in Kuantan! Heehee.

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