Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby Jaydee ♥

One year ago, on May 7th the little princess was born. Back then I was very eggcited for her arrival, now I still am looking forward to meeting her weekly. Heehee. In case you're wondering, Jaydee is my little cousin whom I love so so so so much.

The day started very early, Daddy & I went down to collect the balloons~ Couldn't helped to take some pictures with it. I loveeeee balloons~ It's was quite funny cause there were 3 party shops right next to each other on the same street, my Dad didn't look carefully to see which shop we should collect and we blindly went in to the first shop which we totally made a fool out of ourselves. Hahahaha.

Balloons, makes me so happy~

Miffy birthday cake.

Check out the birthday girl~

So smiley as always. But she was quite sleepy that day cause she didn't take her nap. My brother & I gift her a Mickey pillow and a Minnie bolster for her. Hopefully this would encourage her to take more naps. Hahaha.
While riding on her walker, she was hyperventilating for being able to move in such a spacious place and she was zooming around like a happy kid. But her shoe kept coming off, so her mama got to keep stopping her to help her put her shoes back.

Om nom nom nom. I fed her some cupcakes the other day and she loveddd it. Hahahaha.

One last picture of me holding her a few weeks ago~ Heehee.

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