Monday, April 30, 2012

The memories all fell, like stars.

Met up with my lovely friends to exchange souvenirs for our respective trips. It's been long, so long. I think these were taken from Yoyo's Galaxy Tab. *Her new toy* Heehee.

Caught up with them earlier last week, went back to school together to get the graduation robes and then caught the movie "The Lucky One" afterwards. The movie was alright, not fantastic but not that bad. I cried a bit cause I was touched at some point of time in the movie. (Yeah, I admit I'm a little emotional~) The main reason why I didn't quite like the show is because, the female lead looks much older than Zac Efron. Therefore, I feel that this pairing looks weird on-screen. But the point is.... Zac Efron is soooo good-looking in the movie.
So if you love Zac Efron and don't mind the female lead to be older than him, you can watch the show. But still, it would save you some money if you watch it online because I feel that this doesn't come anywhere near "The Notebook".

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