Tuesday, April 10, 2012

DAY 03 & 04: B A N G K O K - C I T Y

Day 03: Bangkok City 
Big C & Chinatown

It's been awhile, and I have yet to finish my Bangkok Trip post. D:
Sunny morning! Our plans for the day would be going to Big C then to China Town for shopping and for food! Heehee.

Rise and shineeee~ 

Went to the mall for Big C (It's a hyper mart). It sells basically everything, and my daddy wanted to hunt for some jeans and tops so we head there before going to Chinatown.

 Lots of cute children clothing, bought 2 sets for the cutie baby Jelly. 

We entered the mall and I spotted this shop. Holy shit, the model for XACT is so good looking~ 

 Hanged around the mall, went to see which restaurants we could dine in for lunch. And we found Yayoi~ Mannnnn, the Japanese restaurants in Bangkok is so so so cheap. One set is like only SGD$8, which you can never find it in Singapore's Japanese Restaurant.

Such a coincidence to see that I have so many leopard prints on me that day. Bangles, hair tie, bag and leggings! Heehee.

Waffles for only 10 Bhat! I loved the blueberry one that I had. 

Initially, we thought of taking the bus to Chinatown, but in the end we got a cab there! The non air-conditional actually still exists in Bangkok, I really think that it's such a blessings that all of the buses in Singapore has got air-conditioners. 

At Chinatown.
Haven't tried these yet, but it really looks good.

We went all the way Chinatown because of the famous bak kwa shop "Lin Zhen Xiang". To gift your family or friends, you can actually get dried mangoes, pork floss, dried pork etc. It's really good! 
And tadaa! See this cutie dog sitting beside the cashier. Sooooo cuteee zomgz.
Fruit stalls along the streets. I almost died walking under the heat, we didn't even cover 1/4 of the market according to my mom. Hahaha. We did end up with great deals however and of course, I complained a lot while walking. Hahaha. I'm whiny that's why. 
 I wanted to have bird's nest for desert and shark fin for lunch. Cause it's so cheap there. But due to time constrain, we only settled for shark fin's soup and some dim sum for snacks. 

Daddy's fashion show, trying on his red v-neck shirt with his new jeans. (Because he wanted to fit this shirt perfectly, when he came back to Singapore, he went on a diet.) 
My messy fishtail braid. I recently learned a new technique of braiding. :> 

Just look at the mess, my aunt was at lost because usually she don't do the packing on the last day of the vacation (my uncle would do the job). But this time, he isn't here with us so we had to do it ourselves. Roll, squeeze and pack. Sigh. Worse nightmare ever!

This is already half of what we have. Most of the things that we bought were pushed to my mom cause she said she'll pack those and also she brought more bags to stuff our things in it. Just look at this. Terrible! Hahahaha.

Matching watches we got from Chinatown. (Got it at wholesale price~ Buy 3 and you're entitled to wholesale price) I think one of the fun part shopping in Bangkok is that you get to bargain, I know it's a very cheapo act. But still, it's the cheap thrill you get whenever you get a good bargain. Hahaha. 

And these towels were also bought in Chinatown.

We ended up having late dinner at S Cafe. We took a slow walk from our hotel and along the streets of Sukhumvit, wanting to grab dinner at Terminal 21 but it looks like it's closing so we headed back and settled for S Cafe nearby. 

Tom Yam Soup! MY LOVEEEE~ 

DAY 04: Prepared for check out, headed to the airport and then goodbye~

Camwhore a bit on the white sheets on the hotel bed~ I love the bed and the pillows~

 View of the pool again before I finally leave~ 

 My aunt's new bag from Nantita. I helped her choose this color and design~

At the Suvarnabhumi Airport. 

The hotel staffs at Legacy Suits advised to reach the airport 3 hours before our flight, due to the fact that the airport is experiencing some upgrading works and renovations, there might a long queue at the immigrations. So, to avoid that insanely long queue that might result us in missing our flight, we took their advise. Hahaha, thankfully when we got there, we passed the immigrations swiftly.

One of the things that is bothering me is that the airport's ventilation is very bad. The whole place is has got no air-con and it's so stuffy. D:
After lunch, we still had some time before our boarding time. So we found a comfy corner and took a nap. Hahaha. Okay, this is hilarious cause I was the first one that fell asleep. I can't imagine how tired I am because the moment I sat down, I was already snoozing. Haha. Piggy side of me. Soon after, a group of Chinese nationals came. If you think the Chinese nationals (people from China), talk very loudly on the buses or MRT are annoying. Consider my situation, noise pollutants. I was already blasting songs in my ears but I can still hear them screaming/talking at the top of their voices. From my point of view, I thought they were on the verge of killing each other, but no, they were just talking insanely LOUD! I don't like it, but I did nothing but stare.
The crazy thing is, I never realised that we were actually gonna take the same flight until I reached my boarding gate. Bleh! Fortunately, we were seated a distance away from that group but their voices are still annoying the shit out of me. Before taking off, they still chanted "3, 2, 1. Let's go!" in Mandarin. Blehhhh, not cool yo. But still, it's quite funny, thinking back. Hahahaha.

It was an enjoyable trip! Although I came back with painful calves, body aches and a bad sore throat. 

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