Monday, April 09, 2012

DAY 02: B A N G K O K - C I T Y

Chatuchak Weekend Market, Platinum Fashion Mall 

Shopping is the main activity for this day. Woke up early to get ready then set off to Chatuchak Weekend Market~ My Omma was the one who suggested for us to go to Chatuchak because she wanted to get some lights for decorations for the house. I was so against it because my first experience in Chatuchak wasn't that great and Chatuchak is insanely hot, I just wanted to stay away from the heat. But I still followed her plans, at the end.  

 Had breakfast at the hotel's restaurant. Loveeee the broccoli~ 

Walking the same road out to get a cab. Loved my pastel orange top for the day. 

 Walked past this shop that sells pretty decorating items. Suitable for wedding use. 

Red sweet corn which I've yet to try. 

 PINEAPPLE MAN! The huge basin above his head are all packeted pineapples~ 

 Some antiques I found in Chatuchak 
Had lunch in Chatuchak, which I opposed so strongly. In the end, the food wasn't good, except for this chicken wing. Hahaha. 

A hat that I got from Chatuchak. 290 bhatt. Much more expensive than other stalls, but mine has got better quality~ 
My look at the end of the Chatuchak trip. 

After Chatuchak, we headed to Platinum Mall to continue our shopping. Bought quite a lot of things there. Eyelash, clothes, hair accesories, bags etc. You can bargain to see if you get a lower price, but most of the times the prices are fixed. And see me nom-ing on the banana chocolate crepe~ 
Yummy snack we had at Platinum Mall's food-court. 

 Awake after a refreshing nap! Used my new eyelash I bought from Platinum Mall~ 
Out to Patpong to grab dinner. 

Went to find a relative who's working as a chef in this Japanese Restaurant. 

Some dishes that were prepared by the relative for us. Upsized maki, I LIKE! 

Went to hunt for a roadside stall for Wanton noodles~ Yummy~

Midnight drinks with my aunt~ After one sip, we just ditch this. 

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