Saturday, March 24, 2012

Drama Mama

Finished watching 小资女孩向前冲! It's a comedy-romance drama and I laughed so much because of it.
I used to not want to watch it because I was then having some withdrawal symptoms from Scarlet Heart, so I kinda ignored my aunt's recommended drama. BUT.. The other day I just randomly clicked and tadaa, I got so hooked to it. Thankfully, I only watched after the Taiwan finished airing, I could just find the whole series on the net. I've seen how my aunt chased the drama while Taiwan airs it, too crazy. I probably go crazy just by waiting for a new episode every week.The first half of the drama is just insanely hilarious, whereas nearing the end there will be some characters who'd go against the relationship of the leads, that is when things start to get difficult.

Initially, I watched the drama because I find both of the lead are quite cute together (Judging from my aunt's handphone wallpaper/desktop wallpaper), so I decided to give this drama a chance. In the show, Roy Qiu's character resembles JJ so so so much! I just couldn't resist to watch a JJ look-alike acting in a serial that I could easily understand without having subtitles. But as I continued to watch, I found that my attention shifted from Roy Qiu to Alice Ko. I don't know why, but she is my new definition of pretty.

The OST plays a very important role in a drama as well. And because of 小资女孩向前冲, I get to rediscover the world of Mando-pop all over again. The song list for the OST is just awesome! My personal favourite songs would be those that were by Yisa Yu.

Some of my favourite scenes of the drama. (Yup, I still can't get over this drama yet)

1. When Zi Qi finally confessed to Xing Ren. His confession method is really creative.

2. When they went for their first date.

3. When he lends his shoulder for her to cry on.

4. When they finally met again. He proposed to her by giving her 3 options.

I'll blog about my Bangkok Trip in the next post~ 

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