Friday, March 30, 2012

DAY 01: B A N G K O K - C I T Y

 I'm back from my Bangkok trip, but I'm down with a terrible sore throat. I can barely sing now without clearing my throat. D: 
Took the AirAsia flight to Bangkok, it's my first time on AirAsia and I didn't enjoyed so much. The spaces between your seat to the passenger in-front is so small that is barely room for your legs, it's so cramp and I feel so claustrophobic. The 2 hour flight with AirAsia is enough to drive me insane. I usually board the plane and then get knock out, listen to my music and ignore the world. The seats were so uncomfortable that it makes it so difficult to have my nap, my neck almost snapped when we left the air craft. And yup, that's a budget airline so I kinda expected it, but I still feel like ranting. :) 

Cotton Candy Clouds

Finally reached Suvarnabhumi Airport. 
The queue at the immigration is insanely long, so much time wasted while queueing. I was kinda whiny and annoyed by the queue the moment I saw. And people cutting queues! Omg, so pissed off. 

Went to the Taxi Stand at the airport to get a cab. If you're a tourist please go to the Taxi Stand to get your cab. Do not flag any cab once you step out, my daddy's friend got conned, her cab fare was a total of 600 baht which is way more than she had to pay if she get a cab which goes by the meter. So before boarding at taxis, remember to ask if you're paying by the meter. If the taxi driver insists that he charges per person or he tells you a price immediately. Hop off the cab and board the next one. It's so easy to get a cab in Bangkok! So don't worry about it.

Got this Pinky cab! Heh heh. 

Our hotel room at Legacy Suites. I really like the place because it's so spacious. The bathroom has got a long bath and a standing shower. Plus points for that.

My Omma & daddy

 Headed out for lunch at Terminal 21 after checking in. The hotel is located in one of the lanes, to get a cab we'll have to walk out to the main road. 

Terminal 21. One of the newest mall in town, located at Sukhumvit. I love the concept of the mall, every floor in the mall is named after famous cities in the world. Each level is also nicely renovated to suit the theme on the floor. Check out some pictures I took in Terminal 21.   

                                             I kinda found this shop name interesting. Hahaha.

 After looking at various restaurant, we settled for Japanese food. Ootoya! 

Omma & Daddy looking at the menu. Heehee. 

My daddy's lunch set. 
 My aunt's lunch set. (The rice tasted weird cause it's seaweed rice.) 
Mine~ Tasted much better than everyone's. 
 Omma's lunch set. She's got a potato salad on top her mountain of veggies. 
And yup, the toilets in Terminal 21 are nicely done up too! Soooo pretty, even the cleaners have such a cute set of uniform. 

I was told that the washroom in Terminal 21is a must go, because of the facilities in each cubicle (every toilet seat has got a bidet spray)and also the nicely design interior. This was taken in any washroom on another level. 
One of the titbits shop that got my aunt all hype up about the seaweed Tao Kae Noi. 

Arrived at the basement for Gourmet Market after a sumptuous meal is not a great idea because everything in there look so appetising. 

The Milk Tea at Mr.Cup is so good~ 

 The cupcakes were too attractive.


Evening time was shopping at Pratunam Market. Get your stuff at wholesale price, you can also bargain abit if you know the tactics. Hehe. Bought my pinky bedroom slippers here and got myself a Beats Earphones which spoilt within 4 days. 

Haha, this cute t-shirts reminds me of what my bro used to wear. 
Besides shopping, we went to pray at one of the famous temples and also went to donate coffins in one of the local temples as well. Along the way, we saw this very run down shed with so many cows enclosed in. For charity purposes, we bought the package and fed the cows with bananas. 

Dinner at Suankularb Restaurant for Thai food!

At the ladies~ 
 Check out my messy fishtail braid with my polka dot pink rubber band which I misplaced it in this trip. ): 
Lime Juice! Definitely my favourite drink. 

My daddy's reaction after drinking the icy lime juice. 

I'm not a pineapple lover, but hey, if anyone who is going to Thailand I strongly recommend them to try the pineapples! It's so sweet and it doesn't cut your tongue. 

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