Thursday, February 02, 2012

"Falling, falling, just like a domino.

Feeling so weak right now, hope that I'll get better in time. Went to the doctor's 2 times in a month, I have no idea what has become of me. 

Chinese New Year just passed, and I'm sure I didn't enjoy myself very much. I couldn't eat the goodies because of me falling sick and my Dad watched me very closely, the holidays for CNY were too short and I couldn't rest properly. All that aside, the best thing of Chinese New Year is to collect Ang Bao~ Haha, I'm very realistic I know. 

Sab, finally updated the pictures. On a day when both of us felt pretty and so, selca! Yay~ 

Spotted a very unusual sight at my granny's home on the day we're having our reunion dinner. 
Double Rainbow~ Saw some tweets at that time, never knew that I could have witnessed it with my own eyes~ Beautiful! 

Chinese New Year Day 1. Loved my pinky dress from ASOS! 

Personal belongings are all pink~ Haha. 

Granny with Baby Jaydee~ 

Chinese New Year Day 2. Red Peter Pan collared dress~ 

 Black Velvet bangle from Dorothy Perkins. 

Chinese New Year Day 3: Teal dress from Dorothy Perkins

Mom's & Granny's favourite past time.

And recently, my dear Jingle came back from Hokkaido bringing me back my Jewerich eyelashes~ So pretty~ 
She also bought a Hello Kitty handphone charm and a cute mini pen for me! That was really very nice of her :D I have yet to use those lashes, cause they are just too precious. I can hardly find all these lashes in Singapore. 


And today, I took half day leave to visit the doctor's again. I'm down with fever and coughing so badly, my head hurts so much each time I cough. So I had no choice, get my ass to the doctors to get a MC. 
Most prolly was because for the past few days I over-worked myself and I barely had enough sleep because I was on-site for an event which then resulting to my illness. 
Anyway... I had a great time because for the first time, we're working with a quite fun bunch of people. Tiring but it was great~ 

Bejweled collared dress from Dorothy Perkins. 

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