Monday, February 20, 2012


Back from my short getaway trip to Batam. 

Stayed at Tempat Senang Spa Resort in Batam, it's a few minutes ride away from the ferry terminal where we dropped off. Such a pity that I didn't snap any photos on my way to the ferry terminal cause I was too tired. I'm like half asleep when we reached Harbour Front.
As usual, my main activity on the ferry is sleeping. Unlike my brother who got to mug his upcoming series of common test. When we reached the resort, we received a warm welcome from Martha, probably one of the managers of Tempat Senang. She explained to us on different spa treatments that is available on the brochure.  In the end, I picked lavender aromatherapy, milk bath and a grapefuit & salt body scrub. The 3 hour spa treatment was heavenly~ It was even better when we returned to our room after lunch, I got my one and a half hour afternoon nap before proceeding for dinner.

     The Turkish fish spa just outside our room. 

The bed my brother & I share. 

The restaurant where we had our lunch~ 

Lunch! By the time our spa ended, all of us were famished. 

After a sumptuous meal, we then head back to our room for a nap. I woke up just in time to do my make up  and get ready for dinner~ 
Loved the set of sofa at the reception area, never wasted 1 second to take pictures on this beautiful leopard printed couch while waiting for our driver. 

 Went to Wey-Wey Seafood restaurant for dinner, according to Martha, this is a place that she will strongly recommend for seafood~

This plate of Otah is amazing, it consists of the normal red ones and also white ones which tasted like fish cake. Haha. 

 I got the white one! 

Lighting is so good and I can't help but to snap. (My hair color looks amazing here~) 

Beautiful Sunset~ Always loved a sunset more than a sunrise. 
 Our dinner at Wey-Wey's. Of my favourite dish would be the fish and the baby squid.

 Clearer view of the sunset~ 
After dinner, we went to the hypermarket to shop for some groceries. And we went to hunt for the popular Mie Sedap that my uncle always wanted to buy! 

When night falls~ 

Baileys that we got from the DFS while making our way to Batam. It taste sooo good~ 

After like a glass of Baileys or so, I was too tired to even watch any movie that my bro downloaded from the resort's media library. I fell asleep at like 10pm, Indonesian time. :S

 Day 02:

All set and ready to go~ Woke up at 8am to have breakfast, after resting we set off to Batam Center to shop and wait for our return ferry to Singapore. My bro saw the Starbucks Coffee logo and got all eggcited, cause he'd been craving for Starbucks for a day. He ended up ordering Iced Cappuccino which sucked, while I stick to my normal Java Chip Frap~ But still, I'm team #CoffeeBean! Heh! 

My bro's artwork while slacking at Starbucks! 

 I kinda like this picture, cause I look so fair~ That's my point of avoiding the sun! 

 My playlist for the trip is Jay Park's songs. Check out his new album, New Breed. One of my favourite song from his previous album, 너 없이 안돼. 

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