Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chinese New Year is coming~ Yay for the new year goodies and collection of red packets. Being a glutton, this really is a festive season to indulge in endless ba kwa, pineapple tart and my all time favourite Kueh Bangkit (idk if it's spelled correctly) But yeah, definitely a season to put on some weight. Boo!

Nothing much is going on in my life, but I have one less thing to worry about because my IIP Presentation is over! Yay! I didn't fair as bad as I thought I would!
It's a blessing that this month is passing by so fast and I get to have some sneaky time off for myself despite being busy. :D This month had been good!
I'm back on Roacutanne. Roacutanne is simply the best! If only I could use it long term... ... Then I'll be flawless.
Cause I look flawless in here, so this is legit even with a weird face. 

My little Baby Jelly is 8 months now! She can now crawl and she's so adorable~ 
And the gracious lady behind Jelly is my super talented Grandma who made these fishes made of red packets. 
There's nothing my Grandma can't do, she's good at everything. 

Bought these delicious Mochi Ice-cream over at

And... Lastly...... 

I changed the brand of eyelashes I'm using now. Take a closer look! 

The one that I used to wear is more dramatic and it's thicker and fuller. I got comments previously, saying that my eyelash looks like a piece of seaweed or even worse cockroach legs. 
I have no idea how does it resemble the cockroach legs, but still among the hate there are some people who prefers me using the thicker eyelash. Well, I completely ditched Sasa's eyelash, for this Japanese eyelash called Luminous Change. I'm lovin it up till now, unless Jingle managed to get me some loots from Japan, these are my Number #01 as for now. Japanese eyelash ftw! 

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