Sunday, June 12, 2011


I'm back from my Phuket trip. Loving that place so much, I don't mind going back there again~ We didn't do much, but that's the point of the trip. Strictly relaxation. We had a day of sight seeing where we went to Phuket Town, Patong, Jungceylon and Phuket FantaSea.
So our villa is at Bang Tao, The Residence. Although it may be a little inconvenient cause we're quite a distance away from Patong, but it's actually a walking distance to Tesco (a supermarket), the beach and to the resort. Of course, we didn't walk. On the first night, we got a cab to pick us for dinner and we did a little shopping at the mart for groceries.

At the Airport. before leaving for Phuket.

Finally reached our destination! The keys to our villa.. So eggciting~ 

The room that my brother & I shared.

The villa we're staying is a 2 storey place. While brother & I use the room on the 1st floor, my aunt & uncle occupied the master bedroom on the 2nd storey. 

We had transport services that picked us up from the airport, the van that picked us up was so luxurious. It's definitely better than the one we had in Bali. 
A blurred shot of my lovely aunt and me by my not so skilful brother. XD 
On the first night, we had dinner at Tawai. Thai food is so so so awesome. I think we had Tom Yam soup at every meal while we were there.
 Tamarine Prawn
 Fried Egg
Fried Rice
 Pineapple Fried Rice
 Tom Yam Soup
First night ended with this delicious Thai food~ Om nom nom nom. 

Day 02: 04/06/2011

There wasn't activities planned for this day. What we did was to slack a bit here and there, swim and have fun.

 Breakfast, made by my uncle. 
Hahaha, this is me doing the dishes after breakfast, using the dish washing machine! This is so cool. In my whole life, I didn't used a dish washing machine before and this was the first. But still, I'd prefer washing dishes with my hands so I'd know if it's clean or not.

I was kinda forced for this shot by my aunt, but it actually turned our quite nice except that I blurred my uncle out cause he looked like he's staring into space.  

 There is wi-fi in the villa, since there was no plans I was just sitting by scrolling and reading tweets. :D 

Had breakfast prepared by my uncle and then I was on my phone all day, checking for updates. We were looking through the brochures and the menu to check out what and where can we have spa and body massage. We then decided to go to the resort to enquire the spa services that they have. Tadaa, we got lucky and there was a buggy passing by, so the guy volunteered to give us a lift. My aunt says, for Banyan Tree villas, every villa is given one buggy. OMG, so awesome right?
(The pictures were foggy because it is freezing cold in the villa and blazing hot outdoor and so there's like a vapour formed on the lens of camera. That's why some of these pictures turned out really foggy. Heh. ) 

So this day, we planned to check out the beach to have lunch at the restaurants along the beach. We got transport there by the resort's van, told the driver to pick us up at three. But when we reached there, none of the restaurants were open. GG, so we had to walk back since we didn't have the contact of the guy. In the end, we lunched at this restaurant at AMORA and then walked back to the villa on our own. We got back to the villa, and jumped into the pool after that. I stayed at a shady area in order to not get tanned. This is so me.

I braved the hot sun! With lots of sun block of course :D

For dinner, we had spaghetti from The Pizza Company. Average food, but great service. Dropped by Tesco to buy a whole lot of junk food and fruits and then we went to Mine Cafe for drinks. The cupaccino served there is so good~ I had my favourite, Iced Earl Grey tea. Earlier before that, we have foot massage. Hahaha, it was so damn good. I felt that my calves were centre-metres smaller. (Y)

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