Thursday, September 17, 2009


I'm back from my Bali trip~

Let's live the high life! Hahaha. 

Arrived in Bali at around midnight.
We were feeling so excited and then we decided to go and have midnight swim. There's internet connection there, my uncle brought his laptop but sadly I didn't get a chance to use it.

The space of the villa is really huge and I really loved this beautiful place. 

This was my room. It was supposed to be mine, but because my brother dared not sleep alone, we had to share it. (He thinks it's creepy to sleep alone.) 

The bed in my room. 

The view of the pool from my room.

The open concept bathroom. 

Breakfast for today. The chef came here to cook for us.

Oh during one of the mornings, everyone kept telling me that there was an earthquake.
My aunt was awaken by the quake. My brother and uncle was swimming in the pool when the Earthquake happened.
Only I was so oblivious to my surroundings. Because I slept like a log. I thought I was dreaming when someone came in to tell me that there is an earthquake, better still, I thought my uncle & my brother was trying to wake me up by shaking the bed. 

Went for sight-seeing the next day. We took a long car ride to the volcano and it's a bumpy ride that gave me body aches after that. It took us for around 2 hours to finally reach the destination.

I kinda got shocked when I came down from the van. The flock of locals came and approached us  to buy some of their handicrafts. My aunt & I got something out of pressure. Haha.
Went to take a look at the Padi field and got lunch at a nearby Indonesian buffet restaurant. I didn't quite like the food served there though.

Napped all the way back to the villa. It's a hella long journey again~
The guys went for a swim, while I sat on the couch reading~ I was quite bored so I went around the villa snapping pictures.

This is the main door for Villa Limon.

Dinner time~ We had Seafood for dinner. Because of some occasion, part of the seafood restaurant did not open for business. Luckily, our very experienced driver brought us to the other side of the street, there were more restaurants along the streets there. 

Oh and lastly, I'm enjoyed a body massage along with Manicure and Pedicure~ It's something not to be missed when you're in Bali because it's so cheap. It is also very convenient for us because we could just ask for the masseuse to come to our villa if we wanted any massages.

I had aroma body massage in the morning then manicure and pedicure. I went to have a light swim afterwards. We had dinner in the villa with the chef coming to cook us a sumptuous meal.
Here are some of the dishes prepared for us.

21 September~ It's the last day of our trip!
We had breakfast and then hurried to pack up cause we're leaving Bali.
We had lunch at a seafood restaurant that is near the beach and the airport. I have no idea where exactly the place is.
The weather is cooling because of the rain in the morning. How nice.

Then there is something I need to rant about...
There's this Canadian family that is seated in front of my uncle and brother. The little baby was wailing on the plane, it was causing disturbance to some of the passengers. But I could understand because he's just a baby~ He's probably scared or he didn't feel safe. But I feel that the mother of the child was quite rude towards the stewardess. She strapped her baby in-front of her and when the stewardess walked passed her, the stewardess told her that it would be safer to buckle the child on the seat with a seat belt. It's obvious that the stewardess was just being concerned about the child's safety. 

I overheard the mother replied to the stewardess, she said "Does it make you more comfortable to have my baby tied onto a seat belt? I think he's safer in my arms." 

I was just shocked. This poor stewardess was just being caring and it's her responsibility to tell you to buckle up, there isn't a need to snapped at her or be so mean towards her. Sigh. 

The father is also weird. It's common sense that when you're on-board, you should switch off your phone. But well, this man obviously didn't care. I saw stewardess coming by a couple of times to remind him to keep his phone. Okay, just take instructions man! It isn't that difficult at all. 

Bali is really a beautiful place. I love the villa we stayed in but I didn't quite enjoy the food there.
The highlight of this trip has got to be the earthquake. I was the only one that didn't feel it.

Oh yeah, my dad and mum are so funny (it's funny that they are overreacting).
Because our flight back to Singapore was delayed, they couldn't see what was our arrival time on the teletext. They thought our plane was hijacked!! Hahaha. And they actually called up Jetstar to check with the,.

Ending off with a picture of me. I'm this oversized shades most of the time in Bali because I was simply too lazy to put on make up. So to cover up my tiredness, sunglasses is the key!

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